2% Daily Launch Postponed (Early Next Week)

2% Daily Launch Delayed

I just sent an email through the DoNothingMoney Newsletter, it contained a quick update on the launch of the new 2% daily program.

I will share the update here for those that are not on the list. Please optin through the link above to stay updated with all the news and updates.

UPDATE, 13TH MAY  : PG will launch around Thursday 16th or Friday 17th this week.


The PG site is looking incredible. I think everyone is going to be extremely pleased with it.

The following payment processors have been approved:
SolidTrust Pay, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money & EgoPay

The programmer is working on the members' area doing some changes.

The launch will be postponed til early next week. Enjoy your weekend, but keep building your teams. Remember, their are 4 tiers of referral income at PG.

I know most of you are not promoters, so let me tell you something exciting about PG. It is more than just a 2% daily with NO RESTARTS needed...

Shares are only $3!
Also, you can earn F.REE shares at PG. Pretty Cool!
So, Passive earning potential here is beyond the 2% Daily!

PG is worth waiting for, and I am happy to see the admin team being cautious and detailed.

Please post your questions and comments in the section below.


Me Sincerely,
Dirson Jimenez (strosdegoz)
Skype : strosdegoz

8 thoughts on “2% Daily Launch Postponed (Early Next Week)

  1. Elizardo Odriozola says:

    Are you going to have a teambuild for this one?

  2. so let me get this straight, this company doesnt even have a real name as yet, and they cancel their launch date, just imagine when the issues when they actually launch. hmmm i dont recoomend

    • The program does have a name it just isn’t public yet. Requering additional time to launch is not something bad or uncommon, this happens all the time.

      It gives us (the members) more time to prepare and build our teams and tools and the owners additional time to straighten everything out. It’s better to wait longer than to launch with glitches, isn’t it?

      So far things are looking good in the background and once the program goes live you will be able to appreciate all the details and make a more informed decision, for now you have nothing to lose by opting in for free.

  3. Where can we subscribe to this opportunity?

  4. There’s so many 2% daily out there what’s so unique bout this one besides the no restart? What is it consider? A matrix/cycler? Hyip? Hybrid? Pta?

    • Most people call them cyclers but they are practically a hyip.

      The main factors that decide the longevity of a program is the admin and the support it gets from the membership and leaders, so far this program is receiving tons of support which can translate in mass growth and long term stability.

      If the admin is legit and wants to stay around a long time with the support he is receiving, there shouldn’t be a problem to reach that goal.

      Still there are risks involved and we need to always make sure to spend only what we can afford to lose and not to put all of our money in just 1 program and diversify.

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