21 Ways to Generate Free Traffic

Hello dear reader,

I want to share with you several ways and ideas I use to generate free traffic to your website on a daily basis. Some of these are used by people daily to promote websites not related to business opportunities, you will find some common ways to generate free traffic and some rare ones hardly used by anyone.

You can also share your own ways to generate free traffic by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post.

21 Ways To Generate Free Traffic

1 – Join forums related to your topic and become a known active member.

2 – Join social network websites and place your ads.

3 – Find famous videos edit them and add your link, then upload them to video websites.

4 – Give away free stuff with your website link in it.

5 – Give away ebooks and add your link.

6 – Upload stuff to the P2P Network (Bittorrent, Emule, etc) and put your link on comment or read me file.

7 – Post free classified ads.

8 – Join brand new ptc programs and take advantage of the new members offers to get free ads.

9 – Create a facebook fan page.

10 – Get a twitter account and find some followers, then tweet your link.

11 – Write articles and submit it to article websites, lots of free traffic.

12 – Join Traffic Exchangers and surf to earn free credits.

13 – Join Safelists and read emails to earn free credits.

14 – Enhance your website for SEO.

15 – Make business cards with your website in it.

16 – Comment on others people articles, blogs, websites and reviews.

17 – Submit your website to Search Engines.

18 – Create Backlinks.

19 – Upload interesting images to images hosting websites with your link in it.

20 – Make a powerpoint presentation of your product and upload it to the internet.

21 – Add an e-mail signature with your links.


Just wanted to give you some ideas, what other ways you know to generate free traffic?
Please leave a comment.

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Dirson E. Jimenez Santana

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