2L2 Program & Go2x2 Teambuild

2L2 Program & Go2x2 Teambuild

2L2 Program

The launch of 2L2 is getting closer, in fact it is just two weeks away and we have been teambuild for some time now. Around the 7th February pre-launch will start and everyone in our team will be able to sign up. The official launch will then happen the 14th February.

So I wanted to share some detailed information about the program, products and sign up levels.

The Products

As products in 2L2 we will have digital products such as e-books, computer software, seo, tutorials and more. These type of products are sold online on a daily basis, some regularly cheap while other expensive. You will get good products for your money.

The Joining Cost

There are four different levels to choose from when joining, the prices are as follow with and without fees.

The $100 level ($113.30 incl. all fees)
The $250 level ($281.2 inc. all fees)
The $500 level ($566.50 incl. all fees)
The $1,000 level ($1,133 incl. all fees)

Our team is primarily building at the $100 + $500 levels, which pays in total net profit over $1,700 plus re-entries to cycle over and over. That’s almost $2,000 per cycle, including re-entries for bringing in only 4 new members each time, teamwise.

The Compensation Plan

This is the part that I love the most about 2L2. The compensation plan. I am a lover of simplicity and at the same time I love when administrators try to give back as much as possible.

In any cycling matrix there is always a lot of breakage. Normally you have to complete a cycle based on a certain matrix structure to get paid. So here we have a 2×2, in a normal case you would need to fill up your 2×2 completely to get paid (6 people), in 2L2 Go2x2 Teambuild, you get paid right away, as soon as you get your first member in your payline (second level of the 2×2) you break even, the second one is profit, etc.

So the payplan structure is based on a small 2×2 Forced cycling matrix.

The $100 level pays a total of $400 ($290 after fees and re-entry)
The $250 level pays a total of $1,000 ($725 after fees and re-entry)
The $500 level pays a total of $2,000 ($1450 after fees and re-entry)
The $1,000 level pays a total of $4,000 ($2,900 after fees and re-entry).

As I mentioned earlier from level 1 and 2 alone, you can earn over $1,700 net profit plus re-entries on both levels to keep earning Over and Over. This is powerful.

Commission are credited live and payments are processed each and every single day without even having to request them. You earn, you get paid to your payment processor overnight.

Payment processors accepted will be PayZa and SolidTrust Pay.


2L2 – Go 2×2 Teambuild

Such a wonderful compensation plan attracts a wonderful team. Greedy aside we are doing a teambuild for 2L2 to help people cycle.

The goal of the teambuild is to spread the success of a few members to hundreds if not thousands of members.

We take our own lists, team, marketing skill and put it to work to help everyone cycle.

Instead of collecting direct referrals, we are (We are because we are doing it already) placing 2 members under each member. Meaning that if I have 100 team members in my group, instead of putting them all directly under my referral link, I will place only 2 and then sign up the next 2 under my ref and so on.

Go 2×2 Teambuild. We Give you 2 Paid Referrals.
Next In Line – First come First served!

We also provide marketing tools such as : Autoresponder, Lead Capture Pages, Landing Pages, Follow Up Letters, Team Support, Closing Sales & More.

For additional information or be part of our teambuild you can visit the link below or click on the banner. You will also have access there to our team disclaimer.

2L2 – Go 2×2 Teambuild
2 Leads 2 Cash - 2L2 Go 2x2 Teambuild

If you are already part of our teambuild or will become part of it, then you might want to take a look at our Marketing & Advertising Tools.

We provide our team members with Lead Capture Pages, Landing Pages, Autoresponder, Custom Banners, Ways to Promote & More.

2L2 Go 2×2 Teambuild Marketing Tools :

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask me or use the comment section below.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz


4 thoughts on “2L2 Program & Go2x2 Teambuild

  1. hey. I think this is not one of my type as I am not good in marketing to other people. Anyway I want to know about bank on traffic. Any info when they will launch? I would love to be a part of your team. I have been visiting to your blog regularly since I first visited your blog six months ago. You always guide people in the best way you can. May God bless you

  2. Hello stros,

    How the link will be distributed ?
    What if some one takes more time , is there a place where we have to be in line to register ?

    • Hello rysero, we have two different list.

      One is the priority where we have people placed 2 under 2, but that’s for those joining at $100 + $500 levels.

      Then we have the waiting list which is everyone else.

      Tomorrow I will send an email with complete instruction but I will contact people as they requested to be added to the list. After the person replies confirming that they are online they will get their sign up link.

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