2Leads2Cash Contest, Team Build & Program Update


2Leads2Cash Long Term

2Leads2Cash is a simple yet powerful program. A program that isn’t complicated at all but it’s extremely rewarding.

You can earn 100% commissions on your referrals regardless of them being personally sponsored or spillover. If they fall on your payline (2nd level) you earn 100%.

Small 2×2 matrix, great products and daily, automated withdrawals not to mention instant live commissions.

I know that some people think they missed the boat or it’s too late to join but let me tell you that it isn’t.

2Leads2Cash is here to stay for the long term. Improvements and upgrades are being implemented to the website all the time and new additional income streams are already planned for the future.

Stay connected, get it touch, get your Free 2Leads2Cash Team Build marketing tools and start to drive traffic to your page because we are going to be here for a very long time ( I Hope 😀 )


2Leads2Cash Contest & Update

A new feature has been implemented to the 2Leads2Cash back-office. Members have now the option to upgrade to higher levels using their account balance.

So if you start at the $100 level and earn enough commissions to upgrade to the $250 level, you can do so by going to the “upgrade” tab on the top menu.

All commissions are paid automatically Monday – Friday @ 8pm EST. So if you are looking to upgrade make sure to do it before payout time to avoid fees.


2Leads2Cash Cash Give Away Competition

Thanks to your support, I won one of the prizes at the 2L2 Contest

I also want to thank all the hard working members that are building on a daily basis and growing our propescts list. Keep it up and you will be rewarded as well.

We are seeing good results and the trick is to keep on promoting. Keep on promoting, persistence, patience and hard work definitely pays over the short and long term.

I also want to congratulate all the other winners in the 2L2 Cash Give Away Competition!

#1 All TIme Recruiter was Strosdegoz $400 Coming your way, Great job!

#2 All Time Recruiter was Joinnow $200 Coming your way, well done!

#1 Recruiter from Feb 24th to FEB 28th was fmg777 $400 Coming your way, Great job!

#2 Recruiter from Feb 24th to FEB 28th was decker $200 Coming your way, Well done!


2Leads2Cash – Go2x2 Team Build

The Go 2×2 Team Build is live and kicking and there are dozens of members (including myself) promoting each and everyday to keep the entire team moving.

I made the 2Leads2Cash Team Build Marketing & Advertising tools 100% FREE to encourage growth.

Go to the link below, follow the instructions and request your page :

Let me give you some details as to how the tools and the entire teambuild works exactly.

1 – Everyone who joins the teambuild is placed in our Team Build list to receive two paid referrals. First come, first served. As explained in the team disclaimer there are no timeframes or guarantees.

Success will ultimately depend on the entire team support and efforts.

2 – The Marketing tools are 100% automated for YOU. All you have to do is drive traffic to your Lead Capture Page, the system does the rest.

3 – Every single lead that optins through your Lead Capture Page will be either placed directly under you or under one of your two referrals depending on them.

..  3a – When a prospect optins, they are provided additional information about 2leads2cash our team build and given instructions to request the next link in line.
..  3b – If the person replies and requests for the link, thanks to the tracking code they will be placed in your downline.
..  3c –  Follow Up Letters will be emailed to your prospects but after the 1st email, they will also receive your referral link on top of the instructions to request the link. So if they choose to join directly through the ref link, they will be placed under the person who they opted in through. So your LCP will always place your people under you or your two.
..  3d – They are offered the same benefits.

4 – As soon as someone optins through your page, they are locked to you and no matter if they go to any other LCP (team build lcp), they will still get your referral link in the follow up letters. So you never loose a referral.

5 – The tools are now completely free for every member in the teambuild. We offer step by step instructions on how to drive traffic to your website. This will improve your results and even train you for future opportunities that you might want to promote.

I want to thank once again all the committed members that are working daily on bringing in new prospects. Keep it up.

Cheers from
Dirson Jimenez
Skype : strosdegoz

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