2Leads2Cash Is Up Running & Paying

2Leads2Cash Is Working

2Leads2Cash Teambuild

2Leads2Cash is up and running and also paying as advertised (automatically without requesting every single day Mon-Fri.)
I need to remind everyone what a teambuild is all about. Team Work.

I have a list of contacts and lots of friends that i work together with. We as a team/group combine our efforts to help as many people as possible to get two paid referrals even with no effort on their side. We also use tons of advertising strategies to make this happen.

I was able to place 2 paid referrals under many of you, over 50 to be conservative but is impossible for this to be done for everyone in the program or world. Each time a person joins two new members are going to be needed for that person, but then those two will need two more… There you can see that it is a never-ending an on-going process.

My promise in the teambuild is that I will give you support, the tools you need to build your team and add you to the teambuild list. As written on the disclaimer there is no guarantee of getting two paid referrals. Early bird gets the worm and those that work to build their downline.

So I do place 2 under 2. Instead of getting 150 direct referrals, I placed everyone 2 under 2 which helps hundreds of members. If you are “passive” then the teambuild should be considered a bonus that might or might not come. If you are “active” the teambuild will highly increase your sign up and upgrade ratio because of the added benefit.

If you are a member of 2Leads2Cash you have your membership. You have access to your backoffice and your product that you can use right now.

You can earn 100% commissions and breakeven with just 1 ref in your second level. Extremely easy as that can be achieved by getting 1 under 1 or just 3 direct referrals and that’s a 100% commission that will get you to break even. Everything after that is 100% profit.

You can join 2Leads2Cash through the link below…

For any questions feel free to contact me or leave a comment.
Me Sincerely,
Dirson Jimenez (strosdegoz)
Skype : strosdegoz

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