2xCycle New Compensation Plan

2xCycle Overview & Compensation Plan

— Introduction —

There have been some major changes in the way 2xCycle compensate its members and I want to go through the details here. The New Compensation plan adds more stability to the program & bigger payments. The monthly subscription is still the best feature the program has but to get all the details just keep reading below…

— 2xCycle Compensation Plan / Payplan —

It is a very simple compensation plan but very profitable, if you compare it to any other type of program of this nature this one has the highest payout.

Cost Only $27usd – Monthly Subscription
$2usd Payment Processor Fee
$3.5usd Direct Referrals Residual Income Commissions
$21.5usd For Cycling Bonuses

The monthly subscription adds a sort of passive income to it if you build your business even to just a few referrals, the reason is that the re-entries from the subscription will always go to the next empty available spot helping you and your downline to cycle.

There are 3 different Matrix to Earn from :

  1. Silver Matrix
  2. Gold Matrix
  3. Platinum Matrix

The Silver Matrix is where you start once you join the program, it is a 2×3 (14 members) and once completed you earn a $75 cycling bonus and a paid entry into the Gold Matrix.

The Gold Matrix is a 2×2 (6 members) and once completed you earn a $250 cycling bonus and a re-entry into the Silver Matrix + a paid entry into the Platinum Matrix.

The Platinum Matrix is another 2×2 (6 members) and once completed your earn a huge $1,100 plus a re-entry at the Silver Matrix.

With the re-entries and monthly subscription you can keep on cycling over for the small cost of $27usd. In total for the matrix and lets add a few referral commissions you would earn over $1,500usd.

Now think of it this way, let’s plant some possible scenario some being the worst case scenario.

– Let’s say you join 2xCycle with our Team and it takes you 1 year to cycle, your total cost into the program would be $324usd and your income $1,425 from which $1101 would be pure profit.
– Let’s say that you join and it takes you now 6 months to cycle, your total cost is only $162 and your total income without referral commissions $1,425, over $1,225 in profit.

Do the Maths!!!

— Product —

Most of the people joining this type of programs doesn’t even look at the product and that is a big mistake, the product helps a lot and has a real value.

2xCycle offers several products, Banner Advertising, Text Advertising and a Downline Builder. This is a real product and you can make huge benefit from it.

Now I spend hundreds of dollars on Advertising each and every month, having this type of product helps me reduce the cost and many people also join my other income opportunities through their downline builder, so make sure to check it out that alone is worth your $27usd.


— Conclusion —

2xCycle is here to stay. If you want to become part of our team click on the banner below.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

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