2xCycle Teambuild (New Rules & 2 Building Strategy)

2xCycle Teambuild

New Rules & Building Strategies

* Update Overview – In this update for 2xCycle Teambuild I will discuss the new teambuild rules to make this teambuild a long term and successful one plus share with you two building strategies that you can use to grow your team / downline.

As we approach to the renewal date, massive movements and cycles will happen so stay tuned. There are also going to be some improvements and updates to the program itself but that is yet not public, we will have more information about that in the near future.

Our Teambuild is officially 12 days old and over 350 members big.
Congratulations everyone for making this happen.

New 2xCycle Teambuild Rules

1 – Get As Many Direct Referrals As You Want.

Now that we reached the second phase of our teambuild I want to let members know that they are free to get as many Direct Referrals as they want. I still encourage that you use a lead capture page to improve your conversion, with the lead capture page you know your prospects contact details plus they will receive follow up letters (Fact : 50 – 70% of the sales online are made on the 7th Contact). Whenever your members reply to one of the follow up letters thanks to the tracking code they will receive your referral link or one of your team members referral link depending what building method you choose, direct refs or 2 under each. Members who are actively promoting and do not choose one of the two will be building 2 under each by default.

Now you can choose to have your Lead Capture Page page redirect to your 2xCycle Referral link, this way members looking to sign up right away will have access to that. There will also be new Lead Capture pages design to promote this change and also the two building strategy later discussed in this update.

Me as the team leader will still fully focus on placing 2 members under the next person in line like we are doing since the beginning but allowing everyone to get as many referrals as they want will create a lot more spillover since the most active members already have two refs the additional refs will spill to their downline, and even if you get spillover you still qualify to get two direct referrals from the team.


2 – Moving Forawrd.

After we reach a certain number of members on the list we won’t guarantee two direct referrals under each anymore because that is a promise that is impossible to sustain in the Long Term and we want this teambuild to last a very long time. Everyone that is in before we reach 200 members will get their two and I will make sure of that by promoting and promoting just like I am doing now with the team members support, the next offer will be a Team Rotator and the advertising tools we provide.

This new offer will still be very attractive for prospects for the main reason that our competition (other 2xcycle members) are not offering anything in exchange and because we really provide great and useful tools. “If you join our Teambuild you will be placed in a team rotator until you receive two direct referrals plus have access to our team marketing & advertising tools, which includes  : Custom made banners, Autoresponder with 7 pre-written letters, full time upline support and close sales, plus much more”.

In additional they can take advantage of our teambuild + the 2 below building strategies.


2xCycle Building Strategies

0 – Two Under Each 2xCycle Building Strategy.

This strategy is the one we are using for our teambuild and is best suited for Leaders with a big followers list looking to directly help their team. If you have a big list and you want your team to really succeed this is the best way to do it because you help them not only with spillover but also with the referrals commissions and the push through the Gold level is harder. Right now everyone on the team is still using this strategy and it has proven to be a successful one.


1 – The Cashback Offer Building Strategy.

This is a very simple offer and some members are already using it, the upgrade ratio through this offer is really high because the start up cost is highly reduced by the offer.

The Cashback offer is simple, you offer a member to pay a portion of their start up cost back after they become an approved paid member, a good amount to offer is $10usd but you can also do $15, $20 or even a full cash back. By using this strategy your prospect is fully committing to the program as they have to pull the money out of their pockets and also apply for the monthly subscription, only after this member is approved and showing as paid in your backoffice you can send back the amount you agreed through the payment processor of your choice.

Think of how attractive it would be if you tell someone that the total cost to join 2xCycle would be only $12usd, because they would get a $15usd cashback from you. Also if you think about how much you spend in Ads, you can always offer a $10 cashback and get referrals this way.


2 – The Pay It Forward (PIF) Building Strategy.

This is the most common strategy and most likely you already know about it. To PIF someone all you have to do is follow the guide in your 2xCycle backoffice, here its the guide in a nutshell.

1 – You get your prospect to register
2 – Send a payment to 2xCycle Admin including your Prospect Name & Username
3 – Wait for the prospect to be Upgraded.

I will support this strategy by making two different lists, one list will consist of the members wanting to pif others and another list of members that wants to be pifed, when we get new pif prospects the details are forwarded to the person wanting to pif, plain and simple.

There will also be a capture page focused specially for piffers, these will have great results on Traffic Exchangers.

Cashback VS Pay It Forward

I lean torwards the Cashback offer since members have to make a commitment one way or another, normally members getting a free ride will become totally passive most of the time (not always) unless you know they are active, you can make some type of agreement when piffing someone telling them that they have to do the same for one or more members this can create a chain reaction and really get your team going, this is just a suggestion and is totally optional. Whichever you prefer is still good as long as you use one and try to wake up and build your team, the faster you do it the faster you will reach the Gold Matrix and the big bucks.


* Conclusion – This is just the beginning and I hope our team becomes a lot bigger and to have many more tools available in the near future, due to the fact that we have been running only for few days only a handful of tools and pages are available, soon we will have many more options, I hope that this program last for a very long term and to be able to cycle as many members as fast as possible.


Leave your comments and questions in the section below or use the contact page :

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
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5 thoughts on “2xCycle Teambuild (New Rules & 2 Building Strategy)

  1. final matrix compensation plan says:

    This is a totally great opportunity. Anyone can make this work.

  2. Excellent ideas! I agree with everything you are implementing. Let’s get everyone cycling!

  3. I like the “Two Under Each 2xCycle Building Strategy”. Although you miss out on direct referral commissions, you are more likely to keep people in the team as these payments will be an incentive to stay. I have been in other team builds where there has been a lot of attrition. But I am so excited about this one. This team is going places and will have a lot of success. Wishing everyone in the team abundance.

  4. Definately the way to go.2 under 2.
    And people get the auto responder messages and thats a plus.
    I can deal with not getting the ref commission 🙂

    Rock on team.