2xCycle Teambuild – Let's Do It!!!


2xCycle Teambuild

2xCycle Teambuild (We Give You 2 Referrals)

Hello I want to introduce you to 2xcycle teambuild where we will help each member get two referrals and cycle in this new program.

I will divide the post in three points in case you want to skip one and go straight to the other.

  • 2xCycle Program, Compensation Plan & Product.
  • 2xCycle Teambuild Benefits.
  • 2xCycle Teambuild Instructions (Join Now).
  • 2xCycle Teambuild List (Contact Me)
  • UPDATE : Advertising Coop & Tools Page

So let’s get started.

*To request the sign up link – click here

Program, Compensation Plan & Product

2xCycle is what we call a Board / Cycler program. Its based on a matrix structure and members get paid only when their matrix is completed. You can join the program for $25usd + fee and you receive a product in exchange and are also entered into the program compensation plan, where you can earn bonuses and commissions by making sales (referring others).

2xCycle is part of the MTE Enterprise Network which is run by Thomas Wall & Mark Ducker (Founders / Admin / Owners). I am in touch with Mark Ducker through Skype and we’ve known each other for several years.

– Product –

For the $25usd membership you will receive :
– Banner Advertising Credits, Text Advertising, A Downline & List Builder
I always prefer advertising rather than ebooks, because you can actually use the ads to promote any other programs you are in or a blog or website.

The cost of the program is $25usd + $2usd Fee monthly subscription. Note that you are free to cancel your subscription anytime you want, there are no commitments, its your choice.

– Compensation Plan –

This is the best part, the compensation plan is unique, the only unique part is that it pays more than any other Board / Cycler compensation plan out there. We’ve seen programs where it costs hundreds of dollars to join and when you cycle your first matrix you only end up getting few bucks back, with our teambuild it only cost $25usd and you earn big right from the beginning.

The plan has 3 different matrix :

1st – Silver Matrix a 2×3. As soon as you cycle you earn $75usd
You also get a position in the next Matrix a 2×2.

2nd – Gold Matrix a 2×2. As soon as you cycle you earn $250usd
You also get a silver re-entry and a position in the next Matrix a 2×2.

3rd – Platinum Matrix a 2×2. As soon as you cycle you earn $1,100usd.
You also get a silver re-entry to cycle over and over.

For residual income you earn $3.50usd per Direct Referral.

There is also a PIF System in place which will allow you to pay for other members to get them started, the monthly positions will help you cycle even without referring and boost your cycling when you have referrals.


Teambuild Benefits

With our teambuild we will place 2 members in your downline (First come, First served  basis) but it doesn’t stop there, those members are placed in a list they will also receive 2 referrals, this process will go on as long as possible.

Once I complete the first 2×2 cycle which pays $800usd part of the commissions will be used to boost the cycling, re-entries will also receive two referrals from these commissions, this will happen at my own discretion other members will also support the team and reinvest in additional spots under the re-entries to keep the cycles happening.

Strictly two direct referrals per team member, if you get additional referrals they can be placed under your first two.

We have ready marketing tools, follow up emails & banners. You can check the teambuild Lead Capture Page by clicking here there is a small fee to set it up. It will have a tracking code and prospects will be directed to your referral link, if they request the next sign up link I know they come from you thanks to the code and they will be placed directly under you if you have less than two or under your downline if you already have your two.


Teambuild Instructions

– Rules –

* 2 Direct Referrals per team member.
* If you buy a Tri-Pack (Three positions) your secondary and third positions will count as spillover and you still get your 2 refs.
* First come first served.
* You must have the funds ready to upgrade once you request a link.

– Join Now Instructions –

1 – Have at least $27usd available in your Alertpay or Credit Card.

2 – Go to the Support / Contact Me page and request the sign up link > HERE
(For additional information before signing up you can go here : www.donothingmoney.com/2xcycle/)

3 –  Join & Upgrade by following the on-screen instructions.

4 – Thats it. You are instantly added to the teambuild list.

*Note – you can request your capture page when you request your sign up link.

**Team List – The only way to have access to the list is by contacting me.

Thats all, if you have any questions use the comment section below or feel free to contact me.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

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  1. nixon chasaya says:

    This is a great idea.There is no reason why we should not succed.Count me in.Also consider a TEAMBUILD for HotMoneyList.Thanks and God bless you

  2. This is the only way to do this business in my opinion especially for those without a list or can’t sponsor.I’m in!

    • I’m in too! Just a piece of advice. If you want result fast Join Now!

      Stross is a true leader and really working double time for this lets just do our share of work and this will be the most successful team build on the internet today!

  3. We are really going to make this thing take off and make this as one of our major money making program.

    Stross has created a really fair and great team build system, just to help out promote it kindly visit our facebook fan page @

  4. what payment options do they accept?

  5. Hey I would like to thank you alot stros for creating this teambuild!!! This is truly the best teambuild I have ever been a part of I already cycled the silver matrix and cannot wait to cycle the gold matrix and earn a sweet $800 thank you once again. If your not part of this teambuild join now it’s going great 🙂