2xWow by Will Pattison (Pre Launch Is HERE)

2xWow by Will Pattison
Pre-Launch Is Here & Open
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The much awaited Will Pattison program 2xWow is here, and it is in pre-launch.

The pre-launch is fully made for members knowning what the program is about, there is no information on the website and there won’t be any until the official Launch on the 29th January.

You can Join & Lock your spot below :


Here are few details by admin about pre-launch when my upliner asked about advertising the program.

At this point, join at your own risk.

The only thing I stated was I would blank out the pages to help cut back on people advertising out right.  I wanted to give a few days to allow everyone on lists to get in. But I know people will post, I know solos will go out ect. The
only thing is they will come to a blank page…. So since I know people will do it anyway..lol.. Im not stopping anyone from pre-building anyway they can.
So if you have a way to do it, and visitors know the deal when visiting, then thats fine.  My point is Im not going to spend all weekend answering emails about the site is blank, wheres the info, whats the product, whats the details ect, ect, The pre-launch here was mainly intended for people on a list, that already know the deal.

I wanted to kinda take it slow here for a few days, as if something goes wrong, then we need to fix it. Hope that all makes sense. So in other words, if you feel confortable sending people to a blank page knowing I will not be answering support tickets about it, and they all understand the pre launch rules, then by all means, bring people in.

Hope that helps.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz

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