2xwow Fully Live


2xWow officially launched yesterday and content has been added to the main website.

The 2xWow compensation plan is not exactly what we read about in the famous power point presentation we have all seen around instead is the same as 10levelriches but with a $5 sponsor bonus.

This morning I received my first payment from 2xwow and that’s more likely the last one as it is extremely hard to make money with the compensation plan the program has.

20% of the joining fee goes straight to admin and members do not earn $5 per level, per referral as explained on the power-point presentation , instead it is just a series of 5 different 2×3 cycling matrix.

Apart from that (The compensation plan being not what everyone thought it would be) tha program is running fine, the admin Will Pattison replies to emails / support tickets really fast and payments are processed manually in a timely manner.

It is easy to breakeven with this program, all you need is a few referrals but to make good money you need to refer dozens and dozens of members directly, not even tons of spillover will save you.

I honestly don’t think is worth joining but for a one time payment of $25 there isn’t much at stake here.

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Dirson Eduardo Jimenez Santana
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4 thoughts on “2xwow Fully Live

  1. Nice post re 2xwow. You have given a fair breakdown here.
    The problem I find with this program is the 3 levels activation required to move up levels.
    This may have worked better if the ignition/activation was 1 level at a time, this would have made it achievable for more members.

    I do totally agree Will is an honest admin, he ALWAYS pays if you earn, he communicates well by email and keeps members updated.

    The program is slightly difficult for people who have trouble promoting, that is, those who do not have a list.

  2. Hi Stross

    I agree with you, the plan was not explained properly, I have 28 direct and every one of them believed that they will start earning from 4th level also. Had they explained to earn from 4,5, and 6th level, they must qualify and move to ignition two would have altogether made the program a success.

    Also I strongly feel that the ignition should have been one level at a time instead of 3 levels, we have had joined many matrix program in the past and we all know that it dies soon after reaching 4th or 5th level and that’s the reality and we have to face it. Here if you want to make money from 4, 5th and 6th level you must have people in 7,8 and 9th level so that your 4/5/6 qualifies and moves to ignition 2.

    I for instance have 16/20/14 in 4, 5, and 6th level and ZERO earnings from these levels, had the ignition been one level, I would have made money from all these after giving away $5 for igntion.

    Now the money is in the system and since we have not qualified for the ignition we wont get paid, my downlines stopped working and I in no way can convince them and ask them to work as they are really annoyed.

    They should seriously think of igniting this level by level, and the program would really become the favourite of every one and we can see 100s joining every day


  3. happyearthbux says:

    I don’t understand why there is a sudden change in the compensation plan. The original plan was unique and looked very promising although I do agree that the ignition should be done per level.

    They should have stick with the original compensation plan considering it was the reason why people joined the program.

    • The compensation plan is still the same, the only problem is that they claim that the Slide Share presentation explains the program compensation plan while the program compensation plan is a whole different story.