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Hello, as usual I want to provide my team for 5ForFree with the much needed Marketing & Advertising Tools to grow their business. When it comes to advertising online a Lead Capture Page is always needed to achieve the maximum results, on top of that you need follow up letters to close sales and guarantee sign ups. *Order details at the bottom of this post.

The problem is that most of the people can’t afford these tools as they can get really expensive, don’t have the knowledge on how to set them up or can’t pay those $19,99 / month just to get a Lead Capture Page.

I will give you the option to buy my 5ForFree Automated Marketing System for just a one time payment even though the service is ongoing.
The package features the following :

1 – A Professional Good Looking Lead Capture Page.
2 – Series of Follow Up Letters with your Referral Link.
3 – Professionally Designed Banners.
4 – Support for you and your Team.
5 – One Time Payment only.
6 – Your page is fully hosted.
7 – The System works on Autopilot all you do is Drive Traffic To Your Page.
8 – Instant Notification when someone goes to your Page.
9 – Step by Step Advertising Guides & Strategies
10 – & Much More…

**If you want to share the same marketing tools to your referrals you can use the following link, it has the same information you can see here but there are no ads and is not in my blog.

5ForFree Automated Advertising & Marketing Tools

5ForFree Advertising & Marketing System

Lead Capture Page

The system is really simple, you order your capture page and you will receive a page like the one below. When prospects optin (Request more info) they will be automatically redirected to your 5ForFree referral link to sign up and receive a confirmation email, once they confirm their subscription they will receive a welcome email with your referral link and start to receive follow up letters every other day always containing your own referral link.

The capture page features a compensation plan video, a web form and some basic 5ForFree details.

Page Preview (Click the image for full view)


Promotional Banners
All banners were made by me.

125 x 125 Button Made

468 x 60 Standard Size

728 x 90 Leaderboard


Ordering Your Page

I am accepting Alertpay, Solid Trust Pay & Paypal for the purchase of the 5ForFree Advertising & Marketing System.

The total cost is $9,99 one time payment for team members and $14,99 for non team members.
Team Members are those that join using my Referral Link.

I will need the following information with your payment.

1 – Full Name
2 – 5ForFree Referral Link
3 – E-mail address where you want your leads
4 – (Optional) – Skype or contact info for the fotter of the page.
5 – Payment Receipt
*6 – Send all details to alandetsu[at]gmail.com or CLICK HERE

Send payments to :
Alertpay – alandetsu[at]gmail.com

Paypal – alansenseigold[at]gmail.com
Solid Trust Pay ID – strosdegoz

Step by Step Advertising Guides & Strategies

You can find those of advertising guides with step by step instructions on how to promote your website generate traffic for free or paid. With the system like the above one all you need is traffic and the rest is automatically taken care of.

Visit – DoNothingMoney Adveritising section for more (Opens in a new window).


That’s all for now.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz
Blog – http://blog.donothingmoney.com

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