How To Access Tripler2 Website & Free Members

How To Access Tripler2 Website

New Server & DNS Propagation

Some members are having problems accessing T2MoneyKlub (Tripler2) website, it isn’t loading for them, this is due to the server change and the DNS propagation has been really slow. When you change to a new server your domain needs to propagate around the world before everyone can see any website.

This process normally lasts anywhere form 01-72 hours.

T2MoneyKlub (Tripler2) can be access from , if the website is not loading for you then the only reason is the DNS propagation due to the new server, luckily we have a solution for that. You can use Google Free Public DNS service and get instant access to Tripler2, actually your whole internet browsing experience will speed up.

The Solution

Here are step by step instructions on how to change your DNS to Google’s one. (It is totally safe & free).

Just few short & easy steps and you will be able to access not only Tripler2 website but every other website on the internet that just switched server without having to wait days for the DNS to propagate.


T2MoneyKlub (T2) Free Members

Free members are going to be removed, so if you joined and haven’t upgrade make sure to do so FAST before the next weeks where the system will be updated to remove free every 2 weeks. The maximum membership might be lowered in the future so you better lock your spot now even by buying only 1 Dream Position (1 DP), which costs only $10usd and you can pay either with Alertpay, Solid Trust Pay or Liberty Reserve.

You can click on the banner below to join the program or use it yourself to advertise if you are already a member.

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3 thoughts on “How To Access Tripler2 Website & Free Members

  1. Hello,

    I am very glad to receive your information about
    How To Access Tripler2 Website.

    It is very important for those who have to configure their
    gateway to Internet with their fixe Host IP address and DNS
    servers .
    I get connected by DHCP and receive a dynamic IP address
    from my server. I will ask my server Admin to follow this code
    in case of DNS server restart to have a quick resolution.

    This point of view concerns a very technical Administration
    of Internet Network.

    Thanks to keep eye and let me know what happened every day.

    My greetings to Admin Staff .

    Only an Administrator can know what they are doing!

    I just say Well Done !
    Long live to the Program !

  2. Earl Irwin ( Eirwin) says:

    Been trying to find my way to T2Klub!
    I keep getting your email updates telling how great
    it is that you are being paid. I could use some help.
    If you will please get in touch with me, I would appreciate it.


    • All the website issues should be solved once we move to but in the meantime check the following suggestions :


      1. Propagation seems to be complete, so try clearing cache and cookies, restart, and try again. If that doesnt work you need to use a proxy or VPN to access the website. But try the Google Public DNS and other suggestions first.

      2. Dave wrote instructions for Google Public DNS.

      If you can’t access the website yet… You can use your DNS settings and you should be able to resolve it. This will NOT affect anything on your PC.

      1. Click ‘Start.’
      2. Click ‘Control Panel’.
      3. Click ‘network Connections’.
      4. Right Click on ‘Local Area Connections’ and select ‘properties’..
      5. Highlight ‘Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)’, and click ‘properties’.
      6. If ‘Obtain DNS server address automatically’ is already selected… Then select the one under it.. ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’.
      7. in the top box put ‘’ and in the box under put ‘’… Then Click OK.

      then POOF!! You are done.. you should be able to open it.


      If when you open up the Internet Protocol box, and the ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’, is already selected… then try just selecting ‘Obtain DNS server address automatically’ and click OK.

      This works 90% of the time… Do the same for the support site if you have to. Or do the same for any site you are having problems opening. It usually always helps me.

      Sorry… I don’t know the configs for MAC

      3. Try :

      4. It could be an issue with their ISP, basically they don’t update as much as they should do, when they update their own DNS caches it will find the new nameserver.

      But we are literally days away from moving to the new domain name. So if you all want to check just to make sure that you can access that domain.