Active Income Programs Update

Active Income Programs Update

2xCycle, Onex / Qlxchange, AutoXTen, FastProfitsDaily

Introduction **

Active programs where you need to have a downline to earn are simply great, you get rewarded for your work, the income potential is unlimited and the risk is extremely low. These type of programs only cost few bucks and you can earn unlimited amounts of income.

The downside for many members is that they have to work in order to get paid but that is something pretty normal if you think about it. Even if one of these programs decide not to pay for your work your risk is always your joining fee which in average is around $50usd. Share & Earn.


OneX / QLxchange **

I am amazed by the results and income I am constantly getting from OneX, now I have over 350 Direct Referrals and that amount keeps on increasing on a daily basis. I have no ads other than this blog and the traffic Google and other Search Engines drive to it.

Payments always land on my SolidTrustPay account after few hours, sometimes it might take over a day but no biggie, the website had a new design and there is also a new placement feature and soon we will be able to replace with members with new ones by using Keys.

SolidTrustPay is still trouble and I have been waiting for my verification (which I know won’t happen) for the past three months so people are waiting for NetPay Express which is QLxchange own payment processor to get started. Still over 600,000 members and growing.


AutoXTen **

Looks like it will also be here for a long term and now that the program has a big membership base they are fully focusing on Training and Coaching for new and old members to grow their business, they are taking away the hype from the program and explain it how it is, work and you will get paid.

At only $10usd it is a good choice if you are looking to join, build and get paid fast without having to worry about issues or script problems.

You can click on the title for more information about AutoXTen.


2xCycle & Our Teambuild **

2xCycle went through some growing pains but everything is fine now, the initial compensation plan was over paying its members so it was improved to pay big and at the same time to be sustainable for the long term. Earlier today I managed to cycle the Platinum Matrix for $1,100 and waiting on my pending payment.

Our teambuild is growing on a daily basis and lots of spillover is going down to everyone in the line due to many members getting direct referrals. We have hundreds and hundreds of members in our team and the renewals will start just 2 days from now, these renewals will not only create spillover but it will also create many cycles which will in turn create more spillover.

Stay active and do not cancel your subscription because this is the only way to help everyone and help push yourself to the next level and the bigger bucks.


FastProfitsDaily **

As a board program it pays really good but it also takes lots of efforts to reach those big commissions, the program is doing fine and its moving towards the right direction. The downside for me is their eWallet, I wasn’t able to cashout my funds and everytime I tried to set up a different type of payment option it all ended on sending out fax and stuff that people use to do back in the 80’s, this is 2011 emails should be more than fine.

Our team is really strong and growing slowly but if you are looking to earn big, join, set a goal for yourself and start to build even if you takes you 6 months to cycle one of the big boards you will be rewarded big time.


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All the programs that I am part of can be found by clicking on “Make Money” on the top menu.

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