Ad Coin XS Daily Profit Sharing Is Head And Shoulders Above The Rest

**This program failed and left a lot and disappeared from the net in 2015. This post remains for information
purposes only.

At last a new daily profit sharing program has emerged that has
the potential to last more than 6 months. Each day I get more impressed by what this company is offering.

Ad coin xs is primarily an online advertising and web marketing company but what makes them unique is that they are committed to generating real sales through the marketing of real products as well.

Their flagship product is a product called streamxs. This is a unigue device that plugs into the back of your HD Tv and streams hundreds of international tv channels, movies, music and more to your tv with superior quality. This box will virtually eliminate the need for cable TV for many people potentially saving them thousands per year.

With AdCoinXs we can profit from retail sales of this device, retail sales of the advertising we sell and most importantly TWO passive income streams.

The first passive income stream is through the daily profit sharing plan. Simply purchase an advertising package ranging from $10- $1000 up to $10,000 and as long as you help the company by viewing 10 advertisers websites each day for 15 seconds each you get a share in daily profits for 85 business days.

The second passive income stream the company offers is through their 2 x 15 forced matrix plan. This is extremely unique in the industry because the company actually allows Diamond Members who are paying $99 per month to get paid off of 10 levels of referrals with NO sponsorship requirement!

That’s right if you are fortunate enough to join a team like ours which is the fastest growing team in the company. You have the potential for people to spillover into your organization. If that happens you get paid a monthly residual income off of every sale that falls below you through 10 levels no matter who referred them to the program!

If your 10 levels were filled with all diamond members you would be pocketing over $4,000.00 per month even if you never referred anyone!

Even better if you want to get paid off of all 15 levels to earn a potential $65,000.00 per month in income, you only need to refer TWO others at the $99.00 level!

This is unheard of in the industry.

If you have not joined ADCoinXS yet, do yourself a favor and grab a spot on our team today.

Take a listen to our EXCLUSIVE 8 Minute overview by visiting the MIH Team Ad Coin Xs Overview

If for some reason you cant see the audio player you can listen to the overview offline by dialing

641 715-3900 X 602614# anytime 24 hours per day!
(When you see others promoting the 8 minute message just know it was created by the MIH Team
99.95 of the info on Ad Coin Xs online is currently incorrect! We get the info on whats happening FIRST
join the right team for accurate information and first alert on enhancements)

I will be posting lots more about this company in the upcoming weeks and months.

**This program failed and is no longer online. Go Here to see my TOP pick for a Passive Income Program that has potential
to stick around for the long term. 

Have A Blessed Day!
Owen Victor Brown III
3 John II

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