Ad Hit Profits PPC (Pay Per Click) & Geo Targeting

Ad Hit Profits New Income Stream
Pay Per Click & Geo Targeting

Ad Hit Profits Income Streams

Ad Hit Profits keeps on growing and it also keeps on improving. A new income stream has been added which is the Pay Per Click option for advertisers which increases revenue and provides better results for the ads.

Here I will explain why Pay Per Click is good and also share the prices. I think this is a great addition to the website and will only make it more profitable for all the members and advertisers.

Another option that is available through PPC (Pay Per Click) is the Geo Targeting option which lets you choose which country or place you want your ads to be shown to. More on this below.

I personally use the Ad Hit Profits banner advertising and the results are amazing. I shared the results on forums, I shared it on Facebook, Twitter and more. My blog traffic increased 3x when I started using AHP as an advertising source and the price is really affordable. Anything you want to promote just buy some banners and test them out. Once you made your first purchase, there is no going back, you will want to keep on buying forever as the results are so good.

Add the Pay Per Click to the list of Real Revenue Generated by Ad Hit Profits.

Ad Hit Profits Pay Per Click (PPC)  & Geo Targeting

Ad Hit Profits PPC (Pay Per Click) & Geo Targeting

The reason why I broke all my rules when joining Ad Hit Profits, is because they offer a real product with a real value. The value of this product just became better and bigger with the addition of the Pay Per Click model.

PPC is simply an advertising model used to drive traffic to websites where the advertiser pays only for the clicks that he receives. So instead of buying ‘x’ amount of time you will be buying ‘x’ amount of clicks.

Here is why I think Pay Per Click is better and offers a better chance of getting what you are looking for. Banner ads results will highly depend on how your banner looks like, so if you were to purchase a banner placement for 7 days but yet your banner is not eye catchy you might not get the results you are looking, while an eye catchy banner will out do you a hundred times.

In the case of PPC if you buy 20 clicks, you can get those clicks in 1 day or in 100 days it won’t matter. Your ad will be displayed for as long as you have clicks left. This is great as it gives you a better chance of getting the results that you are looking for.

As if adding PPC wasn’t enough Ad Hit Profits is now also offering Geo Targeting.

Geo targeting as it’s name suggest, targets traffic geographically. Now you can choose where you get your traffic from.

Here are the prices.

Pay ONLY For Banner Exposures That Convert To Click Throughs
$0.25 CPC (Cost Per Click)
$0.50 CPC (Geo-Targeted)
Compare with Facebook’s Ad Suggested Bid: $0.43–$5.53 USD

If you are selling a product or program that is available only in Australia then you can target Australia as your traffic source and increase your sales even more.

As you can clearly see the AHP admin Charles Scoville isn’t playing around. This is a great feature and also a feature needed if you want to target, real big advertisers. This will increase sales which in turn increases our revenue.

Make sure to tell your referrals, your prospects and your advertisers about these new features. If you are promoting something, anything, make sure to give the ads @ Ad Hit Profits a chance, try them out and you won’t be disappointed.

For any questions feel free to contact me.

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Owen Brown

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