Ad2million Suspended

I can see that lots of people are looking for information regarding Ad2million and their website showing suspended as it can be seem now.

What it looks like right now is that their hosting account was suspended, this can happen for several reasons being :

1 – They didn’t renew their subscription.

2 – Violated the hosting provider TOS.

3 – Asked to have their account closed.

4 – & some other possible reasons.

5 – Server Upgrade

There was an update on their website mentioning a server upgrade and this can be the reason if they are changing hosting provider why the website says account suspended.

Judging by how the program was performing, only few small payments going out, poor management, no support, this can mean that this is the end of Ad2million, I can’t confirm this right now but this is how it looks like.

If you followed the golden rule of only investing what you can afford to loose then this is no shocking news to you, if you joined, enjoyed the program and made a profit then Congratulations, just make sure to always do your Due Diligence before joining any program and calculate the risks, see how much you can spend and always take into consideration the fact that once you make a payment that money might be gone forever.

Also keep in mind that you can make a great deal of money by joining these type of programs at the right time and following the right strategy.

Update 7/18 – Looks like it was the latest option, the ad2million website is Back Up!

Update 7/21 – The website is down again.

I read that some people are putting money into Ad2million, my suggestion is that you shouldn’t, if you were to put any money in it, the chances are that you won’t get paid ever and if you do it would take like 1.5 years to recieve a $29.00 payment.


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Please leave your comments in the section below, I want to know what is your take on this Ad2million suspended website issue.

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Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

4 thoughts on “Ad2million Suspended

  1. Hello I also had a accaunt ad2 Secondome scam and I went to the reimbursement request with alertpay well hopefully I’ll be able to get my money

  2. Sidhanath Singh says:

    Hi, Yes the site was down, but Live again and got paid my 1st withdrawal after my all pending 11 cash out. Hope for the best that they have stated again paying pending cash out.

  3. I’m a member also for more than 4 months and I got profit already. Since the new changes apply and problem that happened in ad2million that is the possibility that ad2million is now near to the end. I have 9 pending withdrawals there and it is already more than 2 months. If they pay 1 withdrawals for 3 months there’s no doubt admin carrie is cheating and grab the money for all members in ad2million that is new member and invest there. The problem of ad2million is now fixed as of now but members waiting for the good withdrawals not waiting for more than 2 months to get pay for only $30 or less.

  4. I invested $40 in ad2million last April and it has since grown to $150 by my repurchases. When they implemented the 2-1-5 rule, I decided not to repurchase anymore and withdraw whatever I can. However, I was overtaken by this suspension. What a big disappontment! I should have invested in a more trusted HYIP….