AdCashBlast Free Marketing Tools

AdCashBlast Marketing Tools

AdCashBlast Free Tools

Hello there, I made a lead capture page to help my referrals improve their advertising results for AdCashBlast.

I am offering this page at no cost to everyone. Truly 100% FREE.

Right now it is pretty easy to promote this program in other revenue sharing programs like AdziBiz, AdHitProfits, UTS and others.

Since the traffic is 100% targeted the results are normally pretty good.

All you have to do is purchase some banner ads, directory listing, etc and wait for the sign ups to start to come in.


AdCashBlast Lead Capture Page

Here are the benefits and features of getting this marketing system.

– The capture page is fully hosted in my server.

– It has an Autoresponder attach to it with follow up letters going out every other day.

– Your referral link will be emailed automatically to all of your prospects and you will receive an instant notification when somebody optins and confirms their email.

– Increase your sign up ratio and upgrade ratio by up to 80% compared to promoting your direct referral link.

– Never land in the spam folder again, all follow ups are delivered to inbox.

AdCashBlast Lead Capture Page (Opens in a new window)

AdCashBlast Lead Capture Page

Get Your AdCashBlast LCP – Follow the instructions below :

1 – Contact me
2 – Give me your username, referral link and email
3 – Wait for your reply

That’s all you need to do.
If you want to send a donation let me know.

Have A Blessed Day!
Owen Brown
3 John II

One thought on “AdCashBlast Free Marketing Tools

  1. Bernard StPierre says:

    Thank you for this great tool!

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