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I am breaking all of my basic and most strict rules when it comes to Ad Hit Profits. For starters I do not join any program with a revenue share compensation plan that has been running for few weeks or even days.

Straight forward revenue share compensation plan where shares purchase are split within members normally last 2-5 days or maybe a week or two. That’s why I avoid them if I don’t join early enough.

Well that’s the first rule I broke when it comes to Ad Hit Profits. With over 9 years of experience working online, I know exactly how this type and every other type of program works.

I joined Ad Hit Profits after it was live for 58 days even though it has a revenue sharing compensation plan. Why? Because it’s different.

It has real products, and it is generating real revenue that is being shared with all the members.

You can see my explanation here :

Ad Hit Profits Generates Real Revenue
Ad Hit Profits, Payment Proof, Stats & More

So there goes one of my most strict rules when it comes to revenue share. When something is different we better adapt.

After 58 days, I was still able to get 100% back of my shares in just ~10 days and then go into 100% profit mode, only after I decided to break my second most important rule.

I “missed” Ad Hit Profits because I didn’t join when it launched, then I had a second look, joined and I am already in profit without taking into consideration the referral commissions. You can join as well and start earning every 30 minutes. No sponsoring required.

The second rule that I broke when it comes to Ad Hit Profits, is the purchase rule. I normally make one purchase when I join and then ride the program with the profits.

Making additional purchase increases your risks and chances of losing.

TODAY (19th, June) I bought an additional 12 shares in Ad Hit Profits and will continue to repurchase all the way to July. Why? Because Ad Hit Profits is different.

If you are not yet a member I encourage you to take a look and make a decision based on the information that is available online. You don’t have to join with me but make sure to join as this is an unique opportunity.

Although if you decide to join based on this post, then I would appreciate if you do so using my referral link 😛

AHP has been around for over 70 days now and paying instantly through PayZa and SolidTrust Pay. EzyBonds is also accepted as a payment processor.

Contact me if you have any questions or leave a comment in the section below.

Don’t wait another minute. Join, upgrade and surf 10 websites and you will be earning literally every 30 minutes.

Kind Regards,

Owen Brown

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