AdHitProfits VS UTSProfitAds

Ad Hit Profits VS UTSProfitAds

Ad Hit Profits vs UTSProfitAds

AHP vs UTS Introduction

After seeing all the fighting between members in the forums about Ad Hit Profits and UTSProfitAds, I decided to write this post. The goal is to compare both programs and reach a conclusion.

Both programs are based on the profit / revenue sharing compensation plan type and both are extremely hot right now. For someone new or even someone old but yet confused, it can be hard to choose which one to go for.

Read the comparison below… Ad Hit Profits VS UTSProfitAds.

…the pros and cons and ultimately and most important the conclusion on what I suggest you do when approaching these programs.

A Little History

Ad Hit Profits has been around for over 75 days (Today is 20th June, 2013) and it’s by far the best passive program around in my opinion. UTSProfitAds launched just 4 days ago and the plan is very similar to Ad Hit Profits but AHP did not invent profit sharing programs, these programs have been around for over a decade. In fact just this year we’ve seen dozens if not hundreds of revenue sharing programs way before AHP launched.

So when comparing the two is important to know that the success of UTSProfitAds is partially due to the popularity of Ad Hit Profits but not in its entirety. UTS already had a members base and reputation which helped a lot in getting the program to where it is now.

If you want more proof, just look at all the other revenue share programs that launched in the past months / weeks with no success. Meaning that UTSProfitAds must have something different other than the members support.

Ad Hit Profits VS UTSProfitAds

Let’s take a look at the compensation plan of both programs. One is more geared into momentum, fast growth and repurchase while the other is more based on long term, image and stability.

Even before I start comparing both programs if I were to choose one for the long term that would be without questions Ad Hit Profits. For the short term, definitely UTSProfitAds. So even now before starting you can see that there is nothing to fight about but basically both programs are similar but appealing to different public.

Payout on Shares

* AHP Pays 125% – UTS Pays 150%

This is the main aspect of the program and the difference is quite obvious. One share in AHP pays the profit of four shares while in UTS one share will only pay the profit for two shares.

Double the income needs to be generated in UTSProfitAds to pay each share compared to Ad Hit Profits but you get to earn a lot more but with a bigger risk as this is extremely harmful for the long term.

For the long term the lower the payout the better. Even though AHP has a lower payout 25% is still a lot, specially with the good returns being shared every single day.

Referral Commissions

* AHP Pays 10% – UTS Pays 15%

Both programs have a 1 Tier referral program paying the amounts mentioned above on direct referrals. Having a higher referral commission payout can take more out of the revenue sharing but that is compensated through all the additional effort put by members on advertising to earn commissions.

Either is ok but most of these programs depend on new members, so a higher referral commissions can guarantee that. Ad Hit Profits, its the only different one as it has a real source of external income.


* AHP Pays Instantly to STP and Payza. It also offers Ezybonds as payment processor which opens the door to an even bigger audience.

* UTS Pays once daily to STP and PayZa. Limit of $500 per day which is equal to ~$15,000 per month.

No discussion when it comes to withdrawals.
Ad Hit Profits pays instantly, there can’t be a better way. As soon as you need your money, click withdraw and you have it. There are no limits to the number of withdrawals that you can request nor the amounts. This increases members confidence tremendously which opens the door to bigger growth. Big withdrawals go to pending for security reasons.

UTSProfitAds pays manually once daily. This is really fast but since we are comparing it is actually slow vs instant payments. There is also a daily limit of 1 withdrawal and $500 max. The $500 max can be good because it limits the members income to ~$15k per month, this is good for long term but it can also throw some people off.

The 1 withdrawal per day rule also encourages members to repurchase. When you request a withdrawal and then see your balance just sitting there it makes you want to buy new positions. This is good for the entire membership as more revenue is shared. At the same time it also avoids people from Hit & Running.

I believe that the withdrawal rules in UTSProfitAds will be updated in the future but in the meantime, point for AHP for having the best possible withdrawal system.

Income Streams

* AHP generates revenue through the sale of advertising space and members purchase.

* UTS so far only generates revenue through members purchase.

AdHitProfits has a real source of income. The ads displayed on the Ad Hit Profit website generate real revenue, you can read all the details about HERE. This is by far the best feature of this program. On top of the instant withdrawal, fast support, secure website, stable program and high daily returns this is the key feature. When you are paid you know that a big portion of that payment is not only coming from new members buying shares but also from the ads being sold.

UTSProfitAds so far haven’t shown any outside source of income other than the members ad pack purchase. To ensure longevity you need that plus additional income streams. They do have the view paid links that isn’t working at the moment but I believe that it wont’ be enough. Still this one is just days old and we are yet to see everything in place.

Comparison Conclusion

As I mentioned right on the beginning of this post each program can appeal to a different public but if you are smart they can both appeal to you. In my opinion the way it is going now, what we are seeing and based on the information we have. Ad Hit Profits represents stability, sustainability and long term while UTSProfitAds represent a great way to double fast, get your initial out and play with the profits.

Conclusion! Which One?

This is what I wanted to talk about. If you are an opportunity seeker and looking to make money online then you must follow the golden rules to become successful in the long term.

The second most important rule is to diversify and here you have the best opportunity to do so.

When choosing which program to go for, the answer is, BOTH!

If you like Ad Hit Profits for everything it offers, go for it.

If you don’t like UTSProfitAds because you see it as a copy-cat, go for it. Get It?

If you don’t like Ad Hit Profits because you think it’s too late, go for it. Purchase a share, repurchase, refer a few, etc. But don’t let it pass you by.

If you like UTSProfitAds because of its momentum, paying ~100% daily, etc. Go for it.

It doesn’t matter which one started first or who invented the light-bulb. You have an opportunity to earn, join a hot program and diversify then go for it.

Study both programs, both plans and buy a little in each or big in each. I would go strong on UTSProfitAds because it is super hot right now, I recommend Ad Hit Profits because it has proven to be stable.

Both programs can disappear tomorrow but they can also be here in 2 months, 6 months, a year, or even more from now.

If you are not yet a member and you do decide to become one, then consider using my referral links below.

Ad Hit Profits – Where Making Money Is Fun & Easy!

UTSProfitAds – Marketing That Pays Everyone!

Thanks a lot for reading.

Please leave a comment in the section below and share on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Kind Regards,

Owen Brown

11 thoughts on “AdHitProfits VS UTSProfitAds

  1. really great comparasion

  2. “This is the main aspect of the program and the difference is quite
    obvious. One share in AHP pays the profit of four shares while in UTS
    one share will only pay the profit for two shares”,please it’s not very clear for me ,can we have further explications!!thanks

    • In this point I refer to the total revenue paid per share in each program.

      1 share = 100% of it’s value.

      So if you earn 125%, the 25% is the profit as the share value is 100%.

      So 1 share = 100%
      100% / 25% = 4

      1 New Purchased Share in Ad Hit Profits is enough to pay the total profit revenue of 4 shares.


      In UTSProfitAds the payout is 150%.

      1 share = 100% of it’s value.

      So if you earn 150%, the 50% is the profit paid on that share.

      So 1 share = 100%
      100% / 50% = 2

      1 New Purchased Share in UTSProfitAds is enough to pay the total profit revenue of 2 shares.

      Hope that is easier to understand now.

  3. landonstewart says:

    So basically UTS is a ponzi scheme then? LOL

  4. […] of them are going KaBoom! in a very short period of time, just like I explained would happen in my Ad Hit Profits VS UTSProfitAds post. This coming and going of these programs will only make AHP stronger as it still as the one […]

  5. Carolina Ida Fridiastuti says:

    UTs profit is moving like snail

  6. Robert Fraser says:

    They all are ponzi schemes. They all slow down because recruiting slows down. These passive program encourage laziness. All programs need incoming daily cash flow to keep going. This passive stuff has got to go. Learn how to recruit and you will make money! It’s hard at first but it’s worth it and necessary!

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