AdHitsRev Revenue Share Gone Wrong (1hour After Launch)

AdHitsRev Already Dead

AdHitsRev Scam?

Have you heard of AdHitsRev? I never promoted it for some obvious reason but decided to participate in it and boy what a crappy ride that was.

Just an hour ago a new revenue share program that was in prelaunch for few days went live. This program had the worst combination of payout a revenue share can have and that’s why I never promoted it to my followers.

After just 1 hour of its official launch with 3,000+ members and huge momentum AdHitsRev has been declared dead or stalled. Which means that the money coming in is not enough to cover all of the members active shares, thus we are only earning pennies. In my opinion it won’t last two days.

As I’ve been posting in the past few weeks that all these revenue sharing programs are short term. The only long term one is Ad Hit Profits. That’s the only exception and that is because Ad Hit Profits Generates Real Revenue.

Adzibiz is turning to be a good choice as well but is yet too early to know if it will succeed or just become one of the KaBoom revs share that lasted only 2-8 days.

Here are the main reason why AdHitsRev was Dead On Arrive. This might have been planned from scratch for the admin to make a quick buck.

Way too high returns. The payout per share is 150% which is too high, the lower the better for the long term. Anything from 110% to 130% should do good if the following settings are done right. I would say the best number would be 120%.

Not sharing 100% of the income. The payout on AdHitsRev is only 69%. This is way too low to be able to keep up the momentum that is necessary for a revenue sharing program to survive.

20% Repurchase feature, another killer. With the low sharing (69%) and the high return (150%), a 20% repurchase rule is a real killer. It is just a stalling tactic to leave money sitting in the admins account.

16% Referral Commissions. Again, everything is too high which makes it impossible to sustain even for a short period of time.

15% Admin fees. The admin here is taking a 15% cut even before the program starts. Way too greedy and definitely unsustainable.

Educated membership base. The fact that the members are highly educated about these programs will make it fall even faster, after seeing it in action and knowing what they got into, the next move is to withdraw.

5% Withdrawal admin fee. Just as if the 15% admin fees were enough an additional withdrawal fee exists.

When you look at it point by point it is more than clear that AdHitsRev was a planned scam. The admin pocketed tens of thousands if not more in a matter of hours.

Avoid all these launches and stick to what works. It is ok to diversify, in fact diversifying is a must but make sure to choose wisely.

Please share your experience in this scam and warm others about it.

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Kind Regards,

Owen Brown

9 thoughts on “AdHitsRev Revenue Share Gone Wrong (1hour After Launch)

  1. Kevin Ching says:

    well said.. too bad I jumped on this train.. 🙁

  2. Steve Shapiro says:

    I think UTS Ad Profits will follow shortly. The initial rush has slowed to a trickle and I highly doubt that they will ever make it to their July 30th full launch date.

  3. Sherman Ward says:

    Thanks For The Update I Know A Few People That Jumped On This & They Just Lost There Money . Now I Know What To Look Out For & How To Read Them.

    I Appreciate The Knowledge ,


  4. Brenda Renkema says:

    This is why I subscribed to you blog buddy – I joined but have not paid anything yet,- your a M*ney Saver. ” Thanks for the heads up!”

  5. IMHO, Was just a matter of time, with all these revshares popping up like mushrooms every day, and with all people jumping from one to another like if all were the same, plus unscrupulous promoters sending email alerts everyday to collect commissions on the first day from each of them…
    Look at it, it’s the perfect time for scammer and greedy admins to appear and fool us in our own rush, easy money for them.
    Sorry for your loss here, take care Diron.

  6. Blake Baldwin says:

    Internet Evolving will pay out 200%. Do you think this is a planned scam also?

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