ADITnetwork Explained – How To Make Money with

ADITnetwork Explained
How To Make Money with ADITnework

Introduction to ADITnetwork & Passive Income

I was waiting on this information from my ADITnetwok upliner to share it with you. In this post I will explain all the details about ADITnetwork, how it works, how it is a 100% passive income program, etc. I believe with this information you will be able to make an informed decision on what to do with this program and at the same time answer most of your questions.

One thing that I am sure we both agree on, is that innovation and uniqueness in this industry sells and it sells big. If you look at the past programs that were the top and biggest they all had one thing in common which is an unique format and compensation plan.

What you need to learn is the right way to participate in these programs.

Here are the main suggestions to become a winner in any passive income program that you join.

1 – Make up your mind with whatever you want to spend in any program and do it right from scratch, don’t start with $10 and then invest $3,000 after 3 months. Instead start with $3,000 and withdraw daily until you get your money back and then play with the profit. One of the biggest problem those who loose face, is that when they want to start to withdraw the program starts to have problems.

2 – Compound but only if you have the funds to risk. Meaning that if you can’t afford $200 but you spent $200 do not compound, get your money back and then compound with the profit. If you can afford $200 then you can go ahead and compound for 6 months if you like and then start withdrawing, just make sure that you know the risks.

3 – Become active and refer others. I can’t emphasize enough on this, becoming an active sponsor can help you tremendously as your income will grow really fast helping you get your initial investment out as soon as possible, for most programs I provide marketing tools, including this one.

4 – The most important one is to invest only what you can afford to loose. Yes, do not put in money that is compromised or that is needed to buy your food, if that’s the case is better to skip it and work on something else where passive returns are not the motto.

I wanted to share these suggestions because I want YOU to come out a winner in ADITnetwork and every other program you join in the future, with or without me. Keep this in mind and you will become extremely successful in the future, is completely do-able to make a living online, I’ve been doing it since 2005 and I am only 25 years of age.

Before I start to explain how ADITnetwork can make you money let me share with you the ‘ADITnetwork Management Team / Owners / CEO & Staff‘.

ADITnetwork President, Founder &  CEODr. Victor Zhang
ADITnetwork EVP of Administration (Canada HQ)Jenny Wang
ADITnetwork CTO, VP of IT and Internet Advertising –  Chun-Chih Soong
ADITnetwork CFO, Director of FinanceGary Ren
ADITnetwork Vice President and Director of TrainingMelody Lin
ADITnetwork Director of Marketing & General Manager (Hong kong HQ)David Feng

There you have it. You can find their entire biography (ADITnetwork Mangement Team) by going to :

To sign up for ADITnetwork go to :
AditNetwork 100% Passive Income Opportunity

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9 thoughts on “ADITnetwork Explained – How To Make Money with

  1. Richard Monteiro says:

    Nice explanation!

  2. This is my first time pay a quick visit at here and i am
    truly pleassant to read everthing at alone place.

  3. Funding ADITnetwork with SolidTrustPay

    Our team is now taking STP to join ADITnetwork. Contact me and I will provide the details. P.S. Our Team Only

    • Sir, I am sorry if I miss it. But does your team have downline builder or autospillover? for ADITnetwork

      • In the Binary side of the Compensation Plan, you can count on your powerleg being built for you.

        • Oh cool, so one side taken care of. last question regarding what the earnings at the moment. Basically for this year I could only get 70% of my Investment right? and hefty profit at 2012 when the ads or cc value are implemented?

          • Yes, you will be basically building your account for few months and getting your initial out if you decide rather than compound, as soon as the rest of the payplan is implemented you take it all the way from break even to profit.

  4. Dear Affiliates:

    STP is now available to purchase products.

    To use it: 1. go to “Product”; 2.choose a product and follow the steps; 3.choose “STP”, then continue with it to pay; 4. Products will be automatically available, and you do not need to send us an email as before.

    Financial Department

    Oct 29, 2012

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