AdMediaProfit Becomes Stronger

AdMedia Profit 50/50 Rule

The norm is to see programs changing and adding long term and sustainability features after it is too late. This is not the case with AdMediaProfit.

Yesterday I wrote my first post about AdMediaProfit (You can read it here : AdMediaProfit Unique Sharing System {Opens in a new window}) sharing the latest website statistics and all the great features. The program has been paying over 30% in revenue share daily since it’s inception. So basically 30%+ on average for over 30 days, this has never been seen before.

This new rule 50/50 is completely fair and so far every comment I heard is positive as it only affects members that already earned over 300%-400%.

For those not familiar with a 50/50 rule here is how it works.
Whenever you request a withdrawal 50% of that amount goes pending to be paid out to your payment processor of choice and the remaining 50% is deposited back into your ewallet for repurchase. The following conditions apply.

The 50-50 rule will only apply to the following accounts:
* Those who have deposited less than $100 and have withdrawn $400.
* Those who have deposited between $101 to $300 and have withdrawn 400% of their initial adpack investment.
* Those who have deposited more than $300 and withdrawn 300% of their deposit.

So if you made a deposit of $1,000 the 50/50 rule won’t come into effect until you withdraw a total of at least $3,000 to your payment processor, only then your withdrawals will be divided into two as explained above.

This rule is nothing new and we have seen it many times in the past, what is new is the fact that it was implemented at a critical and very important time. This will only increase the daily revenue being shared with all the members, specially new ones. With all the shares, specially new ones.

Take a deeper look, read the details and make sure to join.

Have A Blessed Day!
Owen Brown
3 John II

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