AdMediaProfit Scam Bad News (Selective / No Payments)

AdMediaProfit Gone Scam?
AdMediaProfit Scam

AdMediaProfit Selective / No Payments

I didn’t want to be the person delivering the bad news as the majority of the people either don’t want to hear it or simply can’t accept anything that isn’t what they want to hear or believe. In the case of AdMediaProfit as you might already know something is completely off and way too many people know about it but are not saying anything. AdMediaProfit isn’t paying or at least is paying selectively and I don’t say this lightly, there is plenty of proof out there. People are not getting paid.

The first thing that comes to mind is the phase in which AdMediaProfit is at the moment. AMP is on its momentum and growing phase, the program has been paying extremely high revenue every single day and as it should based on the growth. The maximum withdrawal is $500 every 3 days at least (simplified), after you reach 300-400% profit the maximum you can withdraw is $250 as a 50/50 rule comes into play. I am telling you this right now just to show that not much money is going out of the program, you can basically withdraw a maximum of $5k / month if you get paid exactly within 48 hours, wait 24 hours to withdraw again and then finally make another withdrawal. This is without reaching 300-400% profit and always getting paid on time and by depositing around $2k. Normally people can withdraw a maximum of around $2,500 per month per account. This is a good thing if admin was paying the members as it would mean long term and stability, right now it only means the admin holding more money.

This is not a big sum for a program that is receiving tens of thousands of dollars every single day in new deposits, in fact if the program was being run by a legit admin team it could last for a very, very long time. With all the measures in place and the program growth you would expect to see payments going out all the time but the fact is that we are seeing the exact opposite. When a program is actually paying you end up with payment proof even in your email inbox.

Unfortunately I built a nice team in just few days and the sales rose to tens of thousands (you can see that through the Affiliate Income tab in the Binary section) yet not a single payment has gone out to my entire team. I made a test withdrawal about 3 days after I joined of $33 and that’s the only payment I ever received, the rest is just pending, cancelled, pending, pending and pending.

The next step started after the website was fully working (recovered from DDOS). All delays were accepted due to the DDOS but after that the admin promised over and over that he would process all the pending withdrawals from the 16th and 17th August, these withdrawals were never completed and even now most of the people are waiting to get paid. Everybody with small withdrawals got paid, even some with withdrawals in the $200 range but no one with anything above $270 has been paid unless they are old members and active in forums, Facebook or simply visible to the public, that is because the admin is doing selective payments. See how $270 is now considered a big withdrawal when all the programs everybody joins that is just pennies. All the $300-$500 withdrawals from the 16th and 17th are pending with a few small selective exceptions and then the admin started to pay withdrawals from the 20th while the older ones are still pending. As you can see a stalling game and just paying small amount trying to keep the people complaining the most happy.

On top of the fact that the admin admitted to pay the people that complained before the rest all the payments being paid were only 50% of the withdrawn value even though those people are/were not in profit, not even reached breakeven point. Literally if you go ahead and complain in the MoneyMakerGroup forum the admin would process your withdrawal before the rest just so you won’t make any noise. Update : Even complaining or contacting admin on Skype isn’t working anymore.

Right now I have just been telling the story without any proof other than the fact that my withdrawals are already late and dozens of people I know. What I will do is open up the comment section below and have people write for themselves and post proof and links about their missing payments. You can add screen shots, links, whatever you want. If the information in the comment section (when it becomes available) isn’t enough you are free to contact me and I will show you at least 25 different cases in which people either complained about not getting paid or only getting paid half of what they requested even though they are not in profit.

Then there is the fact of the stats where they show has twice as many deposits vs withdrawals, the currency doesn’t matter, twice as much is twice as much.
Then the admin is on Skype and forums posting that he would process ‘x’ amount of payments, or all payments from ‘x’ date in ‘x’ amount of hours, over and over and never does it.
Then there is also the fact of the PayZa account being limited, the admin claims that it was limited due to a dispute but PayZa does not limit accounts for just one dispute and in the case that a dispute creates a reaction its a frozen account and not limited. PayZa normally limits funds when something suspicious is happening within the account, for instance the admin withdrawing large sums every single day and trying to leave the account empty. PayZa proceeds to limit the account to cover disputes if necessary for the future.
Then there is also that time when all the withdrawals were cancelled, the admin claims thanks to a few suggestions on MMG while AMP has over 19,000 members.
Then there is also SolidTrust Pay withdrawals not going out when there are no excuses made for that. Nor EgoPay nor the other processors they accept.

The stats on the AdMediaProfit website are fake. This is what the stats are showing right now.

AdMediaProfit Stats

Total Ad Pack Sold shows 1,492,553.
Since each adpack costs $10 with 1,492,553 adpacks you would have at least $14,925,530 yet funds received only shows $4,462,371. Even if you add up the repurchase the numbers do not add up.

The last trend is the revenue being shared every day. Since inception the program has been paying over 35% on average yet there is never enough money to process the members withdrawals.

I want to hear your experience with the payments issue. If you are having a positive experience please share it, if negative share it as well. All the comments are welcome but I won’t accept any insults, if you can’t handle yourself as an adult then get lost.

Let’s work together to improve the internet and fight scammer admins instead of defending them. The trend is clear and the facts are obvious.

AdMediaProfit is doing selective to no payments and we don’t know the reason why, all the excuses are already off the table.

The DDOS is over.
The exchanging according to admin should’ve been completed.
The upgrading of the admin panel is done according to admin.
The limited payment processor account, lifted.
The week long holiday in India even though the independence day only last a Day.
UPDATE : The new excuse is now that the admin is in the hospital. This is now the reason why people are not getting paid even though the same people that provided this excuse claim that the admin team is doing the payouts.
UPDATE#2: The admin posted on MMG yet still no payments.

I really hope that I am just imagining and incredible lot of things and going crazy and that AdMediaProfit will shut me up in the next few hours/days and process all the withdrawals and pays everyone. I really hope that I am wrong and everybody else and they start paying all the members until all the funds are over… I am really hoping so.

I contacted the admin way before posting this and asked if there was anything he wanted me to add to this post. Anything, his opinion, excuses or anything just to make sure since he is active all around that his side of the story gets out. I never received a reply from him.

For those that are going to get extremely mad about this post, just remember that I am not the one holding your money, is the admin. Whatever is written here can be nullified by simply paying out the members pending withdrawals.

Posted on August 22nd, 2013.

Update 26th August

AdMediaProfit was a planned scam

In all the revenue sharing programs we’ve seen so far daily revenue being shared on a daily basis always decline before the program shuts down all together, in Admediaprofit this is not the case. The revenue is still over 30% daily yet there are no payments going out to members.

Another fact to take into consideration if you look at other revenue sharing programs is that even when the  revenue being shared is literally ZERO, payments still go out to all members, that is because the money being paid out comes from the sales generated.

In Admediaprofit there are no payments even though my cash balance shows over $1,000 and more in pending withdrawals. If you keep in mind other rev shares, you will notice that they will all pay you even with zero revenue being shared for that day.

AdMediaProfit was a planned scam.

We have never seen a revenue sharing program that ran its course that didn’t pay the member every single penny. Adzibiz, Adhitprofits, Adcashblast, JubyadShare and many, many others even when the revenue was ZERO every single day if you have any balance you would withdraw it. In AMP you can’t withdraw your balance even though new money is coming into the program every single minute.

I posted more details about this on MMG but everybody can see their account balance and notice that the money is sitting there and still growing.

The offline membership is just one of the silly excuses that the admin made to rip everybody off.


Have A Blessed Day!
Owen Brown
3 John II

36 thoughts on “AdMediaProfit Scam Bad News (Selective / No Payments)

  1. I requested a payment of $412 on Monday. Yesterday I received just 50% of it. I was not in profit yet, so I should have received a 100% payment. I tried to contact the admin on Skype and asked him what the reason is behind this half payment, no reply so far. Things are not looking good.

  2. My withdrawal experience is totally negative. I am convinced now that
    this is a SCAM and the account balances are completely monopoly money.
    The Admin makes a different excuse for not paying everyday and he is
    selectively paying a few complainers to create the ilusion of paying.
    He has until the end of the day to pay me before i dispute through Payza
    because I have seen this movie many times before. It’s called “GAME

  3. Paying withdrawals is the proof of every program. It should be the top priority in every program, in my opinion. In AMP it seems that payments are constantly delayed, cancelled or cut in half. I received a withdrawal on Aug 18th after 3 days and it was cut in half and I am not in profit at all. I have a withdrawal in STP pending now since Aug 21st. My downline had a Payza withdrawal pending since Aug 16th. It was his first withdrawal. He got finally paid after one week but the amount was cut in half. And he got only paid after e-mailing, skyping and constantly begging. I haven’t seen any recent proof of payment posted in the forums and groups.

    • Right now my uplines withdrawal is still pending since early 16th August and the admin won’t acknowledge any pending withdrawals before the 20th August anymore. My own withdrawals are already 48 hours late and the admin told me several times that he would process them but he hasn’t.

      I am really far away from profit yet no withdrawals are being processed. Only the cheerleaders and small withdrawals are getting paid.

      • Jonathan Gonzales says:

        I already spent $2500 for this programs including pifs, I should’ve just withdrawn instead of giving. Sick life

  4. thejking1997 says:

    requested a withdraw of $174 since the 16, and i am still not paid.

  5. Well, you shouldn’t expect any kind of payment since you called it a scam. Reading though the post on MMG it seems that people have gotten paid. Then you have those that aren’t members of MMG that may have gotten paid. I like other experience players never do something like this unless they just plain stop responding and paying. The admin hasn’t stopped paying and responding so I will just stop promoting for now.

    • I am just one person, there are plenty of othes that aren’t being paid, specially from the pending withdrawals of the 16th and 17th that the admin aren’t even acknowledging anymore. If you are actively reading on MMG you can tell that he is now posting and making good emphasis on the 20th, 21th, 22nd and 23rd but no mention of the withdrawals from the 16th and 17th.

      I don’t mind getting paid myself but right now payments are purely selective and in a period of over 24 hours less than 10 payments has been reported.

      On top of that all of the payments going out are below $200 and that isn’t me saying, as you said you read on MMG you can read it from the admin posts, if you want I can link to them so you can see it. So that again all the payments above that are not being paid and not a single payment above $300 has been paid for the last 10 days.

      Another very disturbing fact, which is a fact even of some people want to ignore it, is the fact that people that are not in profit are receiving half of their withdrawals instead of the full amount.

      Since you read MMG you know that all of the above is true, so knowing that can you still consider that Admediaprofit is paying and in good status?

      If you look at the thread of any paying program with a 20,000 membership you know that when payout time comes you will see dozens if not hundreds of payments being posted.

      Thanks a lot for posting your thoughts, its good to have also the other side of the story, I will be waiting for your answer.

      Kind Regards

      • I never said AMP was in good status. I am saying that it is pretty naive of you to say “scam scam scam” but then ask for payment. I read through the post on MMG and you are mocking other members and saying they are paid to post. Even though, some of the members are still waiting and you got paid!

        I find it great how you are being nice in your post to me. I can’t say the same with how you are acting on MMG.

        • Don’t you think is more naive to say that everything is fine? I am below $600 so I am demanding my pending withdrawals. So basically if I say that this admin is selectively paying which makes him a scammer and his program a scam then I can no longer demand my pending withdrawals?

          Is not like if you have an opinion everything else is gone, all the rights are waived and all opinions cancelled.

          I am not mocking, since my brain has limits the only explanation for someone that is experienced in the game and is literally protecting an admin that is selectively paying then that person must be paid to post or else I don’t know what is happening.

          Yes I received 1 payment, that doesn’t make the program any better, in fact the payment was from the 22nd August while the payment from the 21st is pending and all my uplines and referrals payments are pending. I am way below breakeven point and some people are now even saying that I am in profit.

          Even if I were let’s say at breakeven point what about all the people I referred and the payplan says that you earn commissions on those people, what about my investment and the revenue shared daily, what about the money, time and efforts I spent on advertising? It all goes to waste because I received a $100usd payment?

          Anyways, in the past when an admin was formulating and obvious scam the members would go out and stop the admin so he wouldn’t be able to steal anymore money.

          Right now the members are making excuse and telling others not to dispute so the admin can keep on getting more deposits.

          There is a list on MMG with all the payments that people posted, in around 48 hours there are less than 24 payments, you can bet anything that there are thousands of pending withdrawals right now. Not to mention that as soon as your payment is not processed you are blocked and can’t withdraw ever again.

          So all those pending payments from the 15th, 16th, 17th, 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd that are above $200 are locked, and they cannot make any furthers withdrawal request and they are not going to get paid. The admin isn’t even acknowledging the pendings from the 16th and 17th anymore but I already mentioned this.

          Your point is that I am naive to scream scam and then get paid, but looking at the forum that is the only way to get paid. I simply went there and spent 30 minutes on a major rant and got a payment, so if that is what it takes why not when you have plenty of extra time? If you don’t have the time then you can just kiss your money good bye, if you do have the time then why not have some fun?

          Also by exposing the admin you stop new members from making deposit, anyone making a deposit now is simply making a donation to admin.

          I explained in the post about the PayZa limited and the fact that he never reported any problems with STP yet payments not going out through STP.

  6. Jonathan Gonzales says:

    Nothing more, nothing less -.- nuff said


    • Sorry to hear that, have you heard from admin any reasons why your payment hasn’t been processed? He is posting on MMG that he is processing all payments, specially 20th to 23rd, why not process yours and others from the 15th, 16th and 17th August?

      • Jonathan Gonzales says:

        what else to expect? scammer, crook! i should’ve listened to RG that the stat is being manipulated and its impossible to do it offline in India

    • See how small payments are approved while big payments are ignored. Here is the proof.
      This was requested after your withdrawal yet it was already paid.

      • Jonathan Gonzales says:


        [9/14/2013 7:27:22 AM] ٩(●̮̃•)۶ Jonathan ٩(●̮̃•)۶ ٩(●̮̃•)۶ Gonzales ٩(●̮̃•)۶: just tell me admin when im already to be paid thank you. love you

        [9/14/2013 7:27:25 AM] ٩(●̮̃•)۶ Jonathan ٩(●̮̃•)۶ ٩(●̮̃•)۶ Gonzales ٩(●̮̃•)۶: mwaah :*

        [9/14/2013 7:27:48 AM] admedia profit: in next 4 hrs max

        It’s 72 hours now! Does admin know how to count or does he even have a clock?

  7. Need to approve

  8. My account was closed by admin after I complained so much on Money Maker forum to get my withdrawal (which I eventually got). There’s about $800 remaining which he has effectively stolen. Many people in my downline haven’t been paid for over a week and I’m still waiting for a withdrawal from the 20th in a second account I have under another name!

    The fact is that Ad Media claims to be an ad rev share program but has almost no ad revenue – but still continues to pay a fixed return despite there being no income. At 30% a day, the money is obviously fictitious and can never be paid (except to a few people to keep up appearances). Admin has restricted withdrawals to 50% of a max $500 meaning that if you have more than a couple of hundred in there the money grows faster than you can withdraw it (if withdrawals were being paid).

    Logically, it’s a complete scam

  9. TheBank aka Peace of shit says:

    TheBank u are full of crap and lies.
    Profited 500% from AMP and even got last payment and admin banned u because u wanted to get banned , nothing else.
    You are the worst person I saw online , u peace of sh*t , shame on u
    And Stros is paid today on STP because he was crybaby LOL , is that what u became stros ? SHAME ON U BOTH

  10. I know there are many Admediaprofit believers out there, for those believers I am selling $600 AMP balance for $150 payment processor. I have way more so feel free to contact me. I do not recommend this but for those defending the program to the death they can make good use of this balance.

  11. To the answer the question why the admin would fight the DDOS if he was planning to scam the members.
    Here is why things are going the way they are going.

    At a certain point even before the DDOS attack the admin decided to engage in selective payments and pay as little as possible and keep as much as possible of the money coming in for himself.
    To be able to do this the admin needs time to empty all the payment processors account while keeping the members from filing disputes and that is why his PayZa account was limited. STP would also freeze a account if there are too many disputes but people seems to have forgotten this. Note that payza wont limit your account for 1 single dispute, they can in fact freeze your account due to several disputes but limiting your account will only happen if suspicious activity is ongoing within the account like withdrawing the maximum daily limit every single day. They limit the withdrawals and all the outgoing transactions so to protect the members if something goes wrong.

    After the admin decides to take everything home he then has to keep a positive image so people wont file disputes. To do this he pays as many as possible with as little as possible and keep on making promises of payments to be happening soon.

    One very famous program did this called Banners Brokers and it lasted up to 9 months without paying. The payments were extremely small and only few dozens were paid each month. The exact same is happening in Admediaprofit.

    If for example $10,000 is deposited the admin takes $1,000 to pay members. The priority are those making public complains and threatening with legal action and small withdrawals, the rest are just ignored.

    The admin plans to do this for as long as possible just as we see in the Banners Brokers case, he will simply make up new excuses over and over and over like we are already seeing.

    As long as there are cheerleaders and people that keep on fighting anyone that wants to expose the admin then he can continue ripping people off. Someone says something negative, 3 cheerleaders attack that person and fight back saying that everything is right. A new prospect deposits some funds and 10% goes to paying out small selective withdrawals while the remaining 90% is instant profit to the scammer admin.

    This is why it is extremely important to expose the admin. When an admin stops paying is GAME OVER and YOU can’t protect him expecting to get paid few cents. You have to become a man/woman and let the others know.

    Let me repeat.
    As long as there are people claiming that everything is great and everybody will be paid on Monday, or when the Sun sets, or after the holidays or in new year that opens the door for the admin to keep on stealing.

  12. In all the revenue sharing programs we’ve seen so far daily revenue being shared on a daily basis always decline before the program shuts down all together, in Admediaprofit this is not the case. The revenue is still over 30% daily yet there are no payments going out to members.

    Another fact to take into consideration if you look at other revenue sharing programs is that even when the revenue being shared is literally ZERO, payments still go out to all members, that is because the money being paid out comes from the sales generated.

    In Admediaprofit there are no payments even though my cash balance shows over $1,000 and more in pending withdrawals. If you keep in mind other rev shares, you will notice that they will all pay you even with zero revenue being shared for that day.

    AdMediaProfit was a planned scam.
    We have never seen a revenue sharing program that ran its course that didn’t pay the member every single penny. Adzibiz, Adhitprofits, Adcashblast, JubyadShare and many, many others even when the revenue was ZERO every single day if you have any balance you would withdraw it. In AMP you can’t withdraw your balance even though new money is coming into the program every single minute.

  13. Comment posted on Incomeclub blog, in case the admin doesn’t approve…


    Hello there, Michael have you been part of other revenue sharing programs?
    Programs like Adzibiz, Adhitprofits, Adcashblast, JubyAdshare. You can notice from these programs or every other revenue sharing program that ran its course is that they always pay.

    These programs can never have cashflow problems because the revenue being shared comes directly from the adpacks and advertising being sold.

    That’s why you see in Adhitprofits for example payments going out instantly even after the revenue was ZERO for days, same with Adzibiz and others.

    I don’t know if you have some hidden interest or just defending the admin because you believe his story but the offline market story is just an excuse.

    Right now I have thousands in my cash balance and hundreds in pending withdrawals and I can’t withdraw a penny. Thousands of members are in this same situation.

    The admin always said he was going to pay in a matter of hours but he never did. He made up the excuse about the exchangers but then he said he got the funds and that he would pay in few hours, never did and kept on saying that.

    He made the excuse about Payza, then he said that the account funds were released but never did that, yet he kept on saying that he was going to pay.

    Then we finally saw the hospital excuse then he said he would PAY US on Monday, he didn’t. He isn’t paying. Monday is today and right now.

  14. We’ve seen this happen over and over. 🙂
    We don’t have to say names. 🙂
    Withdrawals are the meat & potatoes of a program.
    When this is not being done, its really pointless to be even involved.
    The spigot is running dry, its last few drips running and with hardly no revenue generated we all know where this goes. 🙁
    Admin here is delaying payments and keep coming up with new excuses.
    I wonder what the next one will be! If you’re going to tell strories at least make it entertaining! 🙂
    The shills will buy into it giving this admin more time to move funds around
    to places we wouldn’t know about.

    He said payments will run on Monday and I have yet to see any payment proofs today….

  15. Brian Basser says:

    Why do you continue to join scamming programs? Don’t you feel bad about the people you lead into these?

    • Yes I do but keep in mind that there were already 17,000 happy members when I joined.

      First the program wasn’t a scam when I joined, it was fully paying with tons of happy member.

      Second I don’t force anybody to join. I send you an email if you are in my list and you can either choose to join or not to join, is up to you.

      I do appreciate those that use my referral link to sign up but the risks are always there, online, offline or moonline.

      Invest only what you can afford to lose.
      Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

      Thanks for your comment.

      • Brian Basser says:

        I think you’d be better off with programs like xxxxxx that will never scam and are 100% transparent. I don’t think you’ll find any others like that, but it’s the only kind of program you can trust.

  16. Daniel Trejo says:

    stay away from all revenue sharing programs, a lot are scams …

  17. Well I was warning everyone this was well planned scam right from day one, no one listened as the stats are clearly fake as no one can promote this offline in India openly, it is very very risky, many MLM leaders/promotors are in Jail.

    Even Amway which is 25-30 yr old is not safe, and banned in couple of states in India, just one complaint from a lady from one state in India and the director of Amway was arrested immd and Amway banned in that state. If this is what is happening to Amway, do you think any fool will openly promote any ponzi offline in India.

    Even if he promotes this offline, how is the currency accounted for as many would be paying in Indian currency and not using STP/Payza/Egopay, so how he is doing the profit sharing, is he doing half in Indian currency and half in Dollars.

    Every one got fooled by the fake stats,


    • The offline promotion excuse was indeed a silly one but people seemed to love it, more likely they didn’t believe the story either, they just liked the idea of a program with a different members base.

  18. On Aug 25 I politely begged for my Aug 20th $99 withdrawal for 2 reasons.
    1. to get my money 2. to make it apparent to MMG readers that payments were being done selectively. It worked for both reasons, i think.
    When i was on the site this morning checking out my monopoly money, i attempted to make a deposit into admedia and it took me straight to STP
    to get it done as though there were no problems with the program.
    Then i filed a complaint with STP so that hopefully they won’t be able to scam any more money from people who don’t know about MMG or TG forums. Maybe I should send a copy to the other payment processors too.

  19. […] 1 – AdmediaProfit – Proven Scam (NOT PAYING) You can read all the details here. […]

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