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AdMediaProfit, Yes another revenue sharing but don’t leave just yet. AdMediaProfit has an unique revenue sharing system that has people joining all day long left to right.

The system is unique because it awards the late comers, that’s right by “late comers” I mean new members (in this case new shares) more than the early bids. Just by giving it a quick glance you can see how people will rush to join, purchase or repurchase at anytime since they will be rewarded the most.

Whenever new shares are bought these shares will get a higher revenue than older shares. This keeps people repurchasing more shares, this also keep new members joining at all times as they can’t loose which in turns keep the program running.

On top of that AdMediaProfit has a daily withdrawal limit. Hit & Run protection and also an unique referral program that mixes direct sales commissions plus a binary plan.

A 5% commissions is paid on your direct referrals plus a binary income when you complete a pair of sales from left to right (more details here). I’ve been in this program for just few days (since the 8th August) and already quadrupled by shares by repurchasing. Withdrawals are processed within 48 hours and everything is running smooth.

Here are the website statistics of the 12th August.

Total Member Total Withdrawal Fund Received Net Re Purchase Ad Pack Sold
14,484 $1,818,387 $3,617,685 $6,992,550 $1,069,237

AdMediaProfit Income Chart for July Revenue Share

Ad Media Proift Income Chart August Revenue Sharing

The AdMediaProfit program pre-launched on 5th July and started accepting purchases and sharing revenue on the 10th July. Paying for over 33 days with incredibly high returns.

Please note that by tomorrow this numbers will be completely different as the program is going viral right now. It has entered its growing phase.

Remember to choose your strategy before starting. Know how much you want to put in, if you are going to repurchase or withdraw your principal etc.

What really sells is innovation, each time you see something new and unique then you see growth and success. AMP is offering an unique system with most of the revenue share going to the latest position rather than the early ones and this is making all the different. Not to mention the binary which is working wonders as well.

UPDATE : Additional sustainability and longevity has been added to AdMediaProfit in the form of a 50/50 rule.
Click on “AdMediaProfit Implements 50/50 Rule” to read all the details.

If you are also enjoying this program please leave a comment and share your experience with the rest of the readers.

For any questions feel free to contact me.

Have A Blessed Day!
Owen Brown
3 John II

7 thoughts on “AdMediaProfit Unique Sharing System

  1. Tanathip Sinrachtanan says:

    AdMediaProfit is working wonders! This program is truly the program worth calling AHP 2.0!

  2. thejking1997 says:

    wait… Admedia is the best program i have been in by far.. i have withdrawn more than 500% of my initial investment. my initial investment was $20 and i joined on the first day of launched so that helped also. but so far so good it is doing great. anyone that dont join this is missing.

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  4. have’nt been able to get ad media profit website for the last two days. Does
    anyone know what’s wrong?

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