Advertising with Banner Ads Step by Step Ilustrated (Part II)

Advertising With Banner Ads (Adhitz)

Adhitz Guides Step by Step Instructions

If you enjoyed part I of this tutorial this is going to get even better, your reach will be extended. I will show you how to target different countries with any type of Banner Ad and some specific website but still on the Money Making area, the next parts will include an even wider public. If you didn’t read the first part you can do so here : Advertising with Banner Ads Step by Step with Images (Part I).

This takes us to our second source for Banner Advertising :

Source #2 – (Reach targeted Audience for an affordable price)

Adhitz is an Advertising provider and it also helps you make money by posting ads on your website / blog, we are going to focus on the Advertiser part, lets get started with the Step by Step guide on how to place your Banner Ad with Adhitz.

Step 1 – Register an account at by click on “Register” on the left menu, click it and follow on screen instructions.

Step 2 – Click on the first option on the left, it says “Advertisers”.

Step 3 – Now you will be prompted choose an advertising option. There are two different options : “Site Specific Advertising” and “Network Targeted”.

Site Specific Advertising, allows you to place ads on specific websites, if you click on this website you will get a list of website where publishers are advertising using adhitz, you can choose any of these website for example Clixsense, you will get all of the website details when you click on it, Alexa Rank, Daily Page views, etc. if you want to get the full details of a website before placing your add go to and type the domain now.

Network Targeted, for this Advertising Campaign I am going to go for Network Targeted as I want to target Africa / Philippines, they are really active in the type of business opportunity that I want to promote at the moment (HostGator)

Update : Now I am always using “Show My Ads everywhere” instead of targeting certain countries.

Click on “Network Targeted”

Step 4 – Fill up your basic Advertising Campaign details. Name : can be anything you like, Image Ads as we are using banners and the size you prefer and last Geographic Targeting, after filling everything click on “Next Step : Set Budget”
Update : For Geographic Targeting Choose “Show My Ads Everywhere”, this will give you a higher CTR and a bigger variation of prospects.

Step 5 – Now you need to know how much you are willing to spend, for the Countries I am targeting the cost is $0.03 per click which means – 10 clicks = $0.30 – 100 clicks $3usd. I want 300 clicks so thats $9usd. The rates for clicks vary from 0.03-0.12 depending on the country, see here for full details. If you are promoting MLM for example you would want to target USA, if you are promoting a PTC then go for Asia, etc.

Step 6 – Create your Ad, here you will need your Website link and your Banner Image, since they don’t accept image url, just save any image you want to use on your computer desktop and upload it by clicking on “Browse”, once you are done click on “Next”.

Step 7 – Pay for your Ad, you can choose from Alertpay or Paypal.

You are done! You will get a message after payment that says “Your order has been successful” if everything went right!

To see your Ad details and stats click on “My Network Ads” and / or “My Ad Stats”.

Note : this website is not limited to Banner Ads instead there are tons of different advertising packages, choose the one you prefer or the one you want to try out, make sure to use a Ad Tracking software to know whats working best.

Kind Regards

Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

P.S. If you have any questions feel free to Contact Me.

15 thoughts on “Advertising with Banner Ads Step by Step Ilustrated (Part II)

  1. Great stuff Stros! thanks so much in sharing You really are a good person to work with!

  2. Your welcome and thanks for your comment!
    Hope this is helpful!
    I will be writing additional Advertising Methods.

  3. William Macklin says:

    Since I don’t have a website, where am I going to display my banner ad, or ANY ad?

    • You don’t need a website to promote a program / product!
      For example you sign up for an affiliate program :
      They will then give you a referral link an a banner!

      The link above is not my own website but theirs, that is enough to be
      able to promote and earn commissions through sales.

  4. Good manual step by step, thanks man.

    I will use it for my sites 🙂

  5. Very well-written and simple guide – even a 7-year-old can follow this! 😉

  6. Paulita Bellis says:

    I have read your site for some time, like the idea!

  7. hi strosdegoz great step by step stuff i have one question i just join this program and i was wondering which would be best advertising method to use for this site to start getting sign up thanks for the help.

    • It really depends on the type of program and price to choose the best advertising sources, if you can give me those details I can suggest a few things.


  8. I am still using Adhitz for Banner Advertising on a daily basis and its producing great results, its the cheapest and easiest way I’ve found to advertise online and get results.

  9. Widyo Sunarso says:

    Hi Stroz, can you help me to find a good Ad Tracking software . Thanks for the help

  10. terima kasih informasinya dan saya mencobanya..

  11. Olukunle Olaniran says:

    Thanks, Stros, you’ve been very helpful. I’ll try it out and let you know, but where do i get an ad tracking software?

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