Advertising with Banner Ads Step by Step with Images (Part I)

Advertising with Banner Ads
Step by Step
Part 1 – DonkeyMails

Web TrafficAdvertising with banners is something really simple because everything that is required to set up your advertising is an Image and a Website, the image will be the one displayed on the advertising source and the website where it will redirect when someone clicks on it.

For Banner Advertising to be effective you need to advertise in the right place, a simple example is if you are going to advertise / sell a cooking e-book then you need to aim for cooking related websites to show your ad, but if you want to advertise a Money Making Opportunity then you need money making opportunities websites, forums, blogs, etc.

This is the first thing to keep in mind when using this strategy to promote your Opportunity, since you are reading this blog you are more likely advertising a Money Making Opportunity.

Source #1 – DonkeyMails (Ptc and Advertising Website {Low cost, good results})

DonkeyMails is a Paid To Click and Advertising website, so most of the traffic coming to this website are either looking for an income opportunity or to promote their own, here are step by step instructions on how to place a Banner Advertising campaign with DonkeyMails.

Step 1 – Register at DonkeyMails – Click on “Become a member now (on the left)” or “Sign-Up (on top menu)” and follow on-screen instructions.

Step 2 – Log into your account and click on “Advertising” on the top menu.

Banner Ad First Step

Step 3 – Scroll down until you see the first section “Super Special Packages with up to 50% Discount” and click on “SPECIAL 2 -> 250,000 Top Banner Impressions Normal

Step 4 – Now you can see all of the Advertising Package details, choose your favorite payment processor to pay for your Ad (Payment must be done before filling out the Ad details), also save the transaction id / reference number as you will need it for the next step.

Step 5 – Fill up your Ad details on this step : For username and e-mail use the details you signed up with; For Payment Method and Transaction ID use the payment processor you used to pay and the transaction id / reference number. One the second form fill up your Banner Ad details; 1st and 2nd are option; Third is your website / referral link and Fourth your image link… See the example below. After you are done with all the details Check the box at the bottom and click on “Send Advertising Request”.

Step 6 – You are done, thats all time to place a Banner Ad, you will receive an email with your Advertising Details, to track your Ad just log into your backoffice and click on Advertising Stats on the Account Menu.

This will give you 250,000 Banner Impressions, this will last for over a week which is good to create awareness. Banner Ads are great because only those that are interested in the content of the banner will click, which gives you a highly targeted traffic.

For the second part of this post I will provide a different source where you can target specific websites or even countries. With that source you can choose to promote a wider range of products.

Note : this website is not limited to Banner Ads instead there are tons of different advertising packages, choose the one you prefer or the one you want to try out, make sure to use a Ad Tracking software to know whats working best.

Update : Advertising with Banner Ads Step by Step (Part II)

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Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

P.S. Leave a comment if you have any questions or feel free to contact me.

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  4. Ok Val here again, just wanted to say you have made Banner Advertising a breeze,with your step by step instructions, even I can follow how to place a Banner ad, great work Dirson

  5. What kind of ad tracking software are you speaking of? Where do I get it and is it expensive?

  6. […] If you enjoyed part I of this tutorial this is going to get even better, your reach will be extended. I will show you how to target different countries with any type of Banner Ad and some specific website but still on the Money Making area, the next parts will include an even wider public. If you didn’t read the first part you can do so here : Advertising with Banner Ads Step by Step with Images (Part I). […]

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