Advertising with Traffic Exchangers Paid / Free Strategy

Advertising with Traffic Exchangers


This is a quick guide on how to promote using Traffic Exchangers to create awareness, get leads and sign ups.
I will make it as simple and straight forward as possible.

Traffic Exchangers Strategy

Traffic Exchangers are websites in which members exchange traffic, you get to view an Ad and someone will view yours. If your ad is interesting then the person looking at it might want additional information, since we only have 15-30 seconds per member to view our ad we will need either a Lead Capture Page (LCP) or Splash / Landing page for this method to work.

First you will need some traffic exchangers to promote your website, here are some of the best, to make the sign up process easier just use the same information in all of the websties below when registering.

1 – EasyHits4U – The absolute bigger and one of my favorites.

2 – TrafficG

3 – IloveHits

4 – ClickVoyager

5 – TrafficSwarm – Professional Traffic Exchanger with the best conversion rate. Can also be used as an affiliate program to build an income.

6 – Sweewa – Quite unique exchanger and it has its own system which ensures good traffic.


There are two ways to get credits to show your website to other members / prospects. Free and Paid.

Paid credits

This is the easiest and fastest way to start to generate traffic, leads, sign ups, etc. you after you join you choose to purchase credits for a very low price, packages start as low as $6 to get several thousand views. You
can purchase credits if you are going to advertise for the short term or get a paid membership if you plan on doing it for the long term.
When you start to promote your website make sure to add a Cap on the credits that are going to be spent, a low Cap on the credits will give you better results, for example if you have 1,000 credits then allow your a max of 100 credits per day, this way your website will be seen by lots of different people and not the same few the same day.

Free credits

In order to get credits for free you need to view other members websites, in all of the Traffic Exchangers above there will be “surf” option where you will start to view other members websites the more websites you view the more credits you will get, then you can get those credits and add them to your own website.

Just like paid credits make sure to have a cap so only a few credits are spent each day.

Strategy to earn Free Credits Faster

I use a simple strategy to get the most credits the fastest possible, I will describe it step by step so its easier for you to follow.

1 – Go to your bookmarks and make a new folder called “Traffic Exchangers”
2 – Save each one of the websites above on that folder
3 – Open your internet explorer / firefox, click on Bookmarks and on the “Traffic Exchangers” folder click on the last option that says “Open All in Tabs”
4 – Now sign in on each site, make sure to check the “Remember Me” or “Keep me signed” this way you won’t have to sign in ever again.
5 – To start surfing, click on Surf on each website and thats all you need to do.
6 – Do this 15-30mins per day and you are on your way to getting some good sign ups.

Hope this help
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
If you don’t know how to surf, how to add credits to your website or anything that is not explained here in depths just contact me. You can e-mail me, post a comment, add me on skype, msn or whatever.

Kind Regards –
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz

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