Advertising Websites (Traffic Exchangers, Solo Ads, Classifieds, Banner, Etc.)

Here is a quick post to provide you with some advertising websites, this list includes a little over 200 websites and it has about everything, traffic exchangers, solo ads, banner ads, text ads, list building, classified ads, etc.

There are tons of this websites that I haven’t tested yet but if you are bored or you need places where to advertise this is the right place to come, just come here and choose a few of the websites in this list, sign up and follow the instructions to set up an Ad.

The Solo Ads are really effective and there are quite a few here, 90% of the Solo Ads websites, which are the “Lists” one will give you some sort of bonus / credits for signing up, so you can take advantage of that bonus and sign up in as many websites as you can and use the bonus to promote your website, business, product, or whatever you are promoting.

Here it is :

I will be adding more websites periodically to this list, so you can come by and check every day you will find new sources for you to promote.

Kind Regards

Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

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