Advertising with Banner Ads (Part 11) –

Advertising with Banner Ads


In the past years I’ve shared dozens of different sources with Step by Step instructions on how to promote your product and programs online. One of the most successful guide I’ve written is the Banner Ads advertising guides with step by step instructions and illustrations.

Today I want to offer you a new source for advertising your products, programs, company and more through this forum (

As of this moment has an Alexa rank of 38,000 worldwide and is one of the biggest blog in the world of its type. It gets over 1,000 unique hits each single day with over 2,500 page views. All these visitors are targeted and fully focused on the Online Money Making Industry and Online Advertisement.


Advertising Packages @

I like using Banners ads for advertising because it filters out your traffic and leaves you with interested prospects only. Think about it, for anyone to click on  your banner they first need to be attracted by it and the description of the product. So it’s always wise to use a banner ad that has at least some explanation of what you are selling.

The top seller in my blog is the Header Banner Size 728 x 90.
It has proven to show amazing results and generate lots of sign ups including sales.

Other banner sizes available throughout the website are the following :

– Header 728 x 90
– Standard 468 x 60
– Button 125 x 125
– Square 250 x 250

All these are available in different sections of the forum at different prices. To see the pricing and request your banners now please visit the
HIRE ME (DoNothingMoney Advertising)  – CLICK HERE.

You will be able to find additional advertising packages in the link above including Solo Email to my list which is the most effective package.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz

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