Advertising with Banner Ads Step by Step (Part III)

This is going to get more technical here as we are going to be using a bigger advertising source, this time we will see more technical stuff (don’t worry I’ll guide u step by step) and more targeting options for our Banner Ads. With this provider we are going to be able to reach every corner of the internet if we want to and promote our website on any area.

Advertising with Banner Ads Part I and II are more targeted to a small audience of money makers while bidvertiser offers a largest range, that includes from money makers to pet lovers.

If this is my first post you are reading, I am going to show you Step by Step how to start a Banners Advertising campaign, a simple and inexpensive way to promote your website.

Source #3 –

With Bidvertiser you can choose to be an “Advertiser”, “Publisher” or “Affiliate”, they offer advertising online, banners but also text ads. We will be using the Advertiser account on this Guide on how to set up your Banner Ad Campaign. I always recommend when selling a product to use a Landing Page or Lead Capture Page to follow up with your prospects and get a higher conversion rate.

Step 1 – Go to and sign up for an Advertiser account. Click on “Advertiser” on the top menu and then on “Sign up Now”.

Step 2 – Now you have two ways to get started, you can either Add Funds to your account right away through Paypal or Credit Card or Set up your Ad first and then add the funds. I am going to go ahead and start by creating an Ad first, so I am going to click on “Create New Ad” , you are now prompted with 3 options, choose middle one Image Ad and click on “Create your Image Ad”.

Step 3 – Now you need to choose the category your Ad fits in, since I am going to be promoting an Income Opportunity, I am going to go with “Computer & Internet” and choose the sub-categories there that best fits my ad. If you want to know exactly what type of websites are in each category, there is a link right next to the category that says “Sites” there you can get a better idea of where your ad is going to be displayed, once you are done selecting click on “Done Selecting”.

Bidvertiser Banner 1

Step 4 – In this step you need to select your “Keywords”, keywords are words that are related to what you are selling, this way you ad will show up next to relevant content instead of just any random page in the category you selected, there is also a nice tool here which is the “Keywords Suggestion”. Type in for example Home Business and click on Suggest More Keywords and you will get a ton of related keywords to Home Business, choose yours and then click on “Done Selecting”.

Bidvertiser Banner 2

Step 5 – Geo Targeting, as simple as it sounds choose the countries where you want your ads to be displayed. This will depend on what you are advertising, for what I am selling the type of program that I am selling the following countries are my choice. USA, Africa, Philippines, Colombia and India.

Step 6 – Cost Per Click (CPC), here you can set your maximum cost per click, we saw in the earlier Banner Advertising guide that the clicks where really cheap 0.02 but here instead they are worth a lot more, some can cost over $2usd, this is also true for adwords, for the type of program I am promoting I will set mine a bit lower to around $0.10 and click on “Next”.

Step 7 – You are asked to name your Ad, the name can be anything. Target Url, is when people will be redirected when they click in your banner the most important part which is your website or affiliate link and last upload your Banner Image, upload as many different sizes as you can and always make sure to have the 728×90 as this one gets the most hits.

Bidvertiser Banner 3

Step 8 –  Enter your daily Budget, this is totally up to you since I am putting in $20 for this post I am going to set my budget to $5, which is the minimum so my ad will last at least 4 days.

Step 9 – Add funds, you have two choices : Credit Card or Paypal! Minimum with Paypal is $20 and I am going to go for that once you are done you are going to get a receipt, click on “Click Here to Continue” to activate your Ad Campaign.

Your Ad will be now pending for approval, if you reached this point your are done! You can choose to edit your Ad any time by going to the “Ads Center” in your backoffice and clicking on “Manage Ads” you can change the daily budget, the Cost-Per-Click, pause your Ad, Delete it, resume, etc.

This is it for Part 3 of my Banner Advertising Strategy, next one I am looking to post about Google Adwords which is simply the most famous advertising provider on the internet, it gets a bit more complicated but if you learn how to use it you can make money on autopilot by choosing the right product with the right ads.

If you have any questions feel free to contact and if you like this post please share it with others.

Kind Regards

Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

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