Advertising with Banner Ads Step by Step (Part 4)

Google Adwords AdvertisingPart 4 for Banner Ads advertising Step by Step is going to be a simple  guide, I am not going to go through the details but instead go straight and set up a banner ads campaign with Google Adwords.

When it comes to advertising online Google Adwords has the widest reach because is the #1 visited website on the entire world and there are millions and millions of people searching for different topics each and everyday on Google, when you search on Google at the right hand side of the website you will notice some ads, that’s where your ads are going to come up, they also come up on Publishers websites who are using Google Adsense to generate revenue, that can be blogs, stores, forums, etc… You can see the Google Adsense at the top on this blog, so if you were to set up a campaign with adwords and target the keywords found in my blog, your ad might come up here.

For most of the people Google Adwords is complicated and I think the reason for that is because they have lots of feature, they let you to fully customize your Ads the way you want, target any country in the world, city, state, zipcode, etc. There is also tons of competition which makes it harder for you since you now need to think of good ads and not only set up the ad for people to click, they will have lots of choices.

A personal opinion that I have about ads in general when there is a lot of competition is that the deeper your ad is listed on Google searches then the better the traffic, more targeted. I reached this conclusion by using common sense and deductive logic, if your ad is displayed on the first results  page of a search that means that anyone can click out of curiosity, randomly or just for the fun of it while if its on the 5th results page that means that person is looking deeply into whatever they are searching for, so if they click on your ad after going through 5 pages of results its highly probable that is really relevant to them, also those ads are less expensive than those that comes on the first pages.

Let me guide you step by step on how to set up an ad using Google Adwords.

Source #4Google Adwords

Step #1 – Sign Up for Google Adwords (If you have a google account, you just need to log in and you will be signed up {A google account, can be any account that google owns for example: gmail, blogger, analytics, adsense, etc})

Step #2 – Log into your account and under the campaign section click on “Create Your First Campaign” here you will get started

Google 1

Step #3 – Now you need to set up your ad, there are many features to choose from so we are going to go one by one :

1- Load Settings (Here you can choose your type of ad, or you can simply leave it as default).

2- Campaign name – Name whatever you like, mine will be “DoNothingMoney Blog”

3- Locations and Languages – Here I am going to choose specific settings, since my blog is in English (even though my English is more like Japanese) I will choose so as my language and for places USA and Canada.

4- Network & Devices – I am going to leave the Network settings to default since I already chose at the beginning on the “load settings”, just make sure that under Display Settings the “Relevant Pages across the entire network” is ticked.

For Devices, I am going to click on “Let me choose” and remove cellphones, not good traffic in my opinion to promote a business or sell a product most of the people buy when they get home.

Google Adwords 2

5- Bidding & Budget – For the Bidding option I am going to leave it on Basic and choose “Automatic bidding to try to maximize clicks for your target budget” and put a maximum of $0.10 per click, CPC means Cost Per Click, if you want it higher or lower is your choice.

My Budget will be $5.00 since I have $50 to invest then that would be a campaign running for 10 days.

6- Ad extensions – set your own settings, since I am just driving traffic to my blog and not selling a car or something I do not need to give out my Phone details nor anything like that. Now click on Save and Continue.

Google Adwords 3

Step #4 – Now you need to Add your Keywords, your Keywords are the words that best define the product you are selling, for example for this Blog I would use “Advertising Guide”, “How To Promote Online”, etc.

Also make sure to choose the type of Ad you are going to be using in this case, Image Ad. As soon as you are done with your Keywords click on “Save and Continue to billing”.

Google Adwords 4

(Simple Steps) Under the Campaign Tab, click on “Ads” next to “Settings” and then click on “New Ad”, “Image Ad” you will be asked for the Image details and once you save your ad will start running.

Google Adwords 4

Step #5 – Fill up the billing information and as soon as you are done you ad will ad will be pending for review but this won’t last long after just few minutes your ad will start to display.

The good part about banner ads is that is easier than text ads, for text ad you need to come up with something catchy in order to get the clicks while the banner… Is just a banner, if people like it they will click it and the competition is smaller since there are not many people using the same banner as you while there are tons of people using almost the same are very similar text ads.

I did not set up the ad above this was just an example, instead I set one up for one of the income opportunity that I am now promoting, you can find more details about these here :

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Kind Regards

Dirosn E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

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