Advertising with Banner Ads Step by Step (Part 5)

Banner AdsAdvertising your product with banner ads can be really successful and cheap at the same time, the reason being that your banners filters the traffic. Is not like buying hits to your website or traffic exchangers where everyone is forced to look at your website, here is the other way around, you buy clicks and your banner is displayed forever until someone that is interested in it clicks it, that’s when you pay and that’s the reason why your banners should always be descriptive and contain some basic information that is relevant to what you are selling, its like the first impression your prospect will get about your product.

So far I wrote 4 different guides to set up advertising campaigns with Banner Ads using different sources for each strategy. If you haven’t read them you can find them here :
” Advertising with banner ads Part #1#2#3 and #4

Let me guide you Step by Step through this one…

Source #5 –

Step #1 – Go to and sign up for an Advertiser account by clicking on “Create Account” on the top menu bar, it doesn’t really matter if you choose advertiser or publisher as you will have both options in your backoffice once you log in.

Step #2 – Click on “Create Campaign” on the top menu and this will take you to the campaign set up menu. Here is where we will set up your ad and everything is plain, simple and straight forward.

Step #3 – The first option you need to choose is the type of ad you want to run, there are four different options as you can see in the image below.
CPC = Cost Per Click | CPM = Cost Per Mille (You will get charged for every 1000 impressions) | CPV = This is theirs, its a full page ad that I am not familiar with nor interested, what matters to us right now is either the first or second option. I am going to choose CPC so I can decide exactly how many clicks I want before my ad stops running. Then you can choose the country/ies you want your ad to show and target specific users.

Banner Ad


Step #4 – Here we are just going to use the first two options, the rest is optional and not needed, I am going to choose my category and also choose to target certain keywords to attract the visitors that I want, those related to advertising and income opportunities. If you need help finding keywords simply use this tool : Type in your keyword i.e. Money and it will give you a list of keywords related to Money. Gender, Age, 3rd Party, Preferred Website and Re-targeting all default. Now click on “Next: Set Budget” at the bottom.

Banner Ad

Banner Ad


Step #5 – Set Budget, this is pretty much self explanatory!

Banner Ad


Step #6 – Now fill up your Banner Ad details, all you need is your banner image and the url where it will redirect. The name on the ad can be anything, click on Save Ad and then click on “Next : Confirm Order”.

Banner Ad


Step #7 – Billing information and you are all set. You can start or pause your ad anytime and choose how much you want to spend, normally it will all depends on the results.

The good about this type of advertising is that you can find a product, any product and test it with this ad, lets say a product that generates $30 in commissions and you invest $20 in ads, if you make just 1 sale then you are in profit ($10usd), if you want to earn more then you only need to invest more and you can have this work on Autopilot for you, normally you would need a nice system to convert your visitors into sales, you can read more about it here “How To Maximize Your Advertising Results

Hope this strategy is helpful to you and if you read it and you have something that you want to sell don’t stand there and use it, you never know what he results will be.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)


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