Advertising with Banner Ads Step by Step (Part 8)

Advertising With Banner Ads
Step by Step #9

Thanks to a Friend I found another great source for Banner Advertising and also Text Advertising, this post will be focused on the banner part. The website is called LinkGrand and it is some sort of PTC but the exposure is really good for a great price, I’ve been using it lately getting thousands of views and ‘thousands’ of clicks to my banners.

The cost is medium compared to the websites that I’ve shared in the past but a must when it comes to advertising, remember to always use the best Banners you have to get the best results.
You can find all the Advertising Guides & Strategies HERE.
Here you pay per impressions (1 week, 1 month, etc) so its necessary to use good looking and eye catchy banners.

So I will give you step by step instructions for setting up a Banner Advertising Campaign using LinkGrand.

Source : LinkGrand Billboard Ads

Alexa rank – #11,000

Well let’s get started. This one is extremely easy to set up.

Step 1 – Join LinkGrand by clicking HERE (Click on JOIN on the top menu).

Step 2 – After you join click on the above link again (Where it says HERE on Step 1).
Fill up your Ads details as shown on the image below :

Billboard Text : You can put anything you want here, some catchy text related to your ad
Site URL : Is your website or Affiliate Link
Image URL : Your banner image link
Payment : For how long you want to display your ad.

LinkGrand Billboard Banner Advertising

Thats all you need to set up your ad, you will be redirected to a confirmation page where you will have the option to pay either with Paypal or Alertpay.

After they process your payment your ad will go into a pending status and you will receive an email with more information.

This is as easy as it gets.
You can generate quite an amount of sales with just one ad and if you target certain products you can get even better results.

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Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)


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