Advertising with Banner Ads & Traffic Exchangers (Part 6)

Website TrafficBanner ads are a slow traffic generator but really good quality traffic since it is filtered, only those interested in your banner will actually click it, which gives you a more targeted visitors to your website.

A great place to advertise your website using banner ads are Traffic Exchangers website, Traffic exchangers website has tens of thousands of members surfing for traffic each and everyday but there is a small flaw in their system and it is that the “surfers” are forced to view your website so most of the time they are not interested in what you are selling instead they just want to get to the next page and earn their credits to promote their own business.

So how you make the most out of your Traffic Exchangers websites credit? Spend them in Banner Ads.
In earlier parts of this post I’ve shown you how to place banner ads in many different places including Google Adwords, Bidvertiser, Forums and more, if you haven’t read it yet you can find it here : Advertising Guides

There are two different ways to get your banner ads viewed in Traffic Exchangers, you can either surf for credits or buy the credits. Credits are then used to get banner impressions.

Here is a list of the biggest Traffic Exchangers website on the internet, you can join all of these free or paid.
Remember your success in any company that you are part of will depend on your work, if you work hard and smart your business will grow, if you just join and do nothing then you are more likely going to get nothing in return.

– Some of the Biggest Traffic Exchangers List –

1 – EasyHits4U – The absolute bigger and one of my favorites.

2 – TrafficSwarm – Professional Traffic Exchanger with the best conversion rate. Can also be used as an affiliate program to build an income.

3 – Sweewa – Quite unique exchanger and it has its own system which ensures good traffic.

4 – TrafficG

5 – IloveHits

6 – ClickVoyager

Use this information to your advantage, don’t just read it, use it!
If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana

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