Advertising with Safelist Step by Step (Part #1)

Advertising with Safelist Step by Step (Part #1)
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Safelist marketing is one of the best ways to generate sales without going broke, the concept of this type of advertising is really simple. Members join Listsurfing and receive emails from other members, when you open this emails you receive credits and these credits can be used to email everyone back. You can also surf other websites and earn credits just like a Traffic Exchanger but with a better concept.

If you don’t want to spend time reading emails then all you have to do is purchase the credits which is what I recommend. Also make sure to use an unique email address for this and every other Safelist Marketing program you join as you will be swamped with email ads.

Listsurfing has an Alexa Rank of 6,000 and 14,000 members also very good looking and user friendly website.

In a nutshell, here is what you will be doing.
1 – Joining an advertising website
2 – Buying Credits
3 – Sending out email ads.

Using Safelist marketing is like having your own list, to advertise here you will need an email ad most affiliate programs and teams will provide you with Sample Ad that you only need to copy paste and then provide your own affiliate link. Credit Packages start for as low as $3.50usd and Memberships for as low as $10usd.

Let’s get started with the step by step instructions.

Step 1 – Go to and click on “Join Free”
Step 2 – Log into your account, you will need to surf 50 websites to become an ‘active’ member. You can do so by clicking on ‘Start Surfing’ on the left menu.
Step 3 – Click on “Ads” and then on “Members Mailer” and fill up your Ad.
You will be asked for : Subject email, text and website url.

The subject is the subject line, the text is the email body and the website url your referral link.

Step 4 – Choose the amount of credits. The last option is the amount of credits you want to use, you will see a number with the total amount of available credits you have. To get more credits just click on “Buy” on the left and then “Buy Credits”, the rest is self explanatory.

This is a good, easy and effective way to advertise and lets not forget CHEAP, if you are one of the people that say that you can’t refer others then the only reason for that is because you either don’t want to, you are lazy or you don’t have any time and / or money to spend because as you can see above it is just too damn easy.

So go to and set up your ads, you will start to get new prospects / leads right away. Always make sure to use a Lead Capture Page for any type of product you are marketing online. You can hire me to get custom pages for a very low price.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, leave your comments in the section below.

Kind Regards

Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz

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