Advertising with Text Ads Step by Step – Adhitz – (Part 2)

Step by Step guide for setting up a Text Advertising Campaign with Adhitz

Here I will guide you through the steps needed to set up a Text Ad campaign by using Adhitz, it doesn’t matter what method you are using and if its already working for you, it is widely known that advertising is a numbers game, so the more ads you have the better.

Why choosing text ads, banner ads, articles, traffic exchangers, classified ads, social network, videos & more you make yourself visible to the entire world, so always make sure to diversify your advertising money to as many sources as possible but at the same time target the public you are aim for.

Here we go :

Step 1 : Go to and Open up an account.

Step 2 : Login, on the left menu click on ‘Advertisers’ and then on ‘Buy Network Ads’.

Step 3 : Fill your ads details and make sure to choose text ads as the image below. Click on ‘Next Step : Set Budget’

Adhitz Text Ad Guide 01


Step 4 : How Much To Spend? I always suggest to run several campaigns for the same product, so if you are going to invest $20 in a campaign instead of putting $20 to one ad make 4 different ads for $5 each. Click on ‘Next Step : Create Ad’

Adhitz Text Ad Guide 02


Step 5 : Create Your Ad, write something attractive, if you don’t know what to write just surf the net for some minutes and find something that catches your attention then copy it and modify it to suit your own product. Click on ‘Next Step’

Adhitz Text Ad Guide 03


Step 6 : Choose your payment option and pay.

You will see a confirmation page confirming your transaction, now you can go back and click on ‘Advertisers’ on the left menu and then click on ‘My Network Ads’ you will see your ads right away with a pending status, they will be approved in a  matter of hours depending on the time but never more than 1 day.

Your ad will be up and running.

That is all and a pretty simple guide, if you can’t refer your product is because you are not trying hard enough, follow this guide and the rest of my Advertising Guides & Strategy page and set up as many ads  possible, they will start to pay off eventually.

Leave your comments & questions in the section below :

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz


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  1. Thanks for a very detailed and clear instructions on advertising using text ads will surely be using it.

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