Adzibiz New Revenue Share

Adzibiz Revenue Share

Adzibiz Intro

Adzibiz is a new revenue share program that has been around for only 3 days. I joined and made a test spend and now I am ready to share it.

The program is extremely easy to understand as it is using the same script that Ad Hit Profits is using and the same compensation plan with just a very small tweak.

The program looks good to go in with a test spend, ride and see how things work out. Keep reading below to get all the details about this program.

Adzibiz Overview

Adzibiz Product

The product is simple. For members Adzibiz offers a listing where you can promote your website or product.

If you are an advertiser you can choose to buy ads that are displayed all over the website in 3 different formats. There are also login ads and site reviews available.

So if the program receives the support that it is already getting from members, all the available ads can generate the income needed to keep it running for a good time.

Adzibiz Compensation Plan

So this is a revenue / profit sharing program which means that the money that comes in through the sales of shares or advertising is shared between the active members.

The cost if each share is $39 and pays to $50 which is equivalent to 128%.

There is also a 10% referral commissions.

Revenue is updated every 30 minutes.

One advantage that this program has over other revenue shares that are around now is the wide range of payment processors.

In Adzibiz you can fund your account using : SolidTrust Pay, PayZa, EgoPay and OkPay.

They have a feature to transfer funds to other members, a pay it forward feature and much more.

Come take a look by yourself “Join Adzibiz Now.

For any questions feel free to contact me.

Kind Regards,

Owen Brown

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  1. […] Adzibiz is turning to be a good choice as well but is yet too early to know if it will succeed or just become one of the KaBoom revs share that lasted only 2-8 days. […]

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