Alertpay Charging Over 5% In Fees

Alertpay Charging Over 5% in Fees

Alertpay is charging huge amounts in fees but their fees page still claims they charge 2.5% + $0.25.

This time I want to ask You if you are having this same problem, if you noticed it and if you know why this is happening?

I remember in the past they used to charge 5% and reduced it to 4.9% and then lower until they reached today’s standards at 2.5%.

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Well it hasn’t been “Today’s” standard for the past few weeks as we are being charged more than double what the fees page says.

I am not a maths wizard but you can check the screen shot below and see some of the latest payments.

See the solution to this problem and Screen Shot PROOF in the NEXT PAGE

20 thoughts on “Alertpay Charging Over 5% In Fees

  1. I went to check my account and everything is good. They charge me 2.5% + $0.25 fees on my recent payments.

    Anybody else have problems? I have no problems.

    • How recent are your latest transactions?

      I discussed this with at least 5 other person and they are all being charged more than usual at least for the past 2-3 weeks.

      Thanks for sharing.

      • + 5/7/2012 Transfer Received From ************
        Completed $400.00 USD $10.25 USD $389.75 USD

        + 5/6/2012 Transfer Received From ************
        Completed $9.81 USD $0.49 USD $9.32 USD

        Those are my recent ones. I checked 2-3 weeks ago and fees are same for me.

  2. Hi Dirson,

    That’s not my case, my fees are exactly 2.5% + $0.25. Here is a screenshot of some of my recent payments, the last one was today:

    I don’t know why this is happening to you, but you should contact them and ask for a clarification with your account.

    Best Regards.

    • Ok thanks a lot for sharing.

      So maybe is Country related, where are you located?

      • I don’t know if this type of fees are related with Countries, anyway I’m in Spain.

        • Ok, I am lost now.

          We will see what others have to say when the read this.

          Strange though because they used to charge me the same as you guys and for the others that are reporting the same problem.

          I guess I will send a support ticket asking what is going on.

  3. Maybe the amount of the withdrawal changes the Fee Alertpay charges.

    On the $10usd payment in the screen shot above you can notice almost 10% fee while the others are less but still higher than the normal 2.5% but is good to see that you guys are getting charged the normal amount.

    • I have transactions of $200 and as low as $12 in last three weeks, and the fee is always 2.5%.

      Maybe they’re applying you some “special condition”, like the business accounts of hyips etc ? It’s strange and not make much sense, but are just my two cents.

      • I have a Personal Pro account verified left to right, I am guessing the same type of account you have!

        • Yes, exactly the same.

          I’m lost too, Is really strange. We will see what they tell you in support, keep us updated.

          Hope you can solve this issue.

  4. I just checked my fees and they are all 2.50 % + $0.25 US for receiving payments from $5 to $132.
    The AlertPay Fee page contains this footnote: Higher fees apply to some industries: 3.90 % + $0.59 CAD for receiving funds.
    I am in Canada but all transactions are in US dollars.
    I look forward to hearing what you find out.

  5. Sarfraj Shaikh says:

    I am also receiving the amount with the charges of 2.5% + $o.25. I got one payment on 5th May 2012. same charges no increase in that.
    Even my previous receipts also charged by normal fees.

  6. Sutharsan Y says:

    No, High fees applies for MLM / Network Marketing only. Some of Buddies on my IM list confirmed this. I am posting some Texts from AlertPay and It’s staffs.

    “Your payments will be held for 7 days for Credit Card payments before they will be released to your account. Please note that hold times are standard for all AlertPay sellers and depend on various factors including account age and industry. Holds are necessary to cover chargebacks and enhance the security of our system. This time period may be subject to change after you have established your business with us.

    We have changed your business category from Financial services and products/Investments to Multi-Level Marketing/Traffic exchange. This is to ensure that you are paying the fees that are appropriate for your industry.”

    This is what he received from AlertPay after his website get approved.

    Also see this message. He got this message under “Websites” section from AlertPay.

    “Note: Based on your industry type, account age and transaction activity, all credit card payments you receive will automatically be put On Hold for 7 days then released to your E-Wallet. At a later date, we can negotiate a shorter hold period or no hold at all. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Business Development “

    • Thanks for sharing, I also checked with some friends and realized that they were being charged more and the reason is the same “The Industry” we are in, so they labeled our accounts differently and charge us more.

      Solid Trust Pay, here I come.

      So STP is now charging 1% fees vs Alertpay is charging 2.5% + 0.25 and to many (Like me) 3.9% + $0.59

      I already verified my STP but now I will surely use only that or at least as much as I can.

      Kind Regards

  7. I just checked my verified personal pro Alertpay account and my payment received fee are consistent at 2.5%. Here’s the fee charged the past week for payments received. Maybe they’re charging you guys higher fee due to higher volume of payments received on a sliding fee scale of some sort and/or we’ll all start getting hit with the higher fee once AP becomes Payza?

    Amount Fee
    $104.33 2.85
    $ 90.71 2.51
    $ 55.20 1.63
    $ 74.75 2.11

  8. Hmm!

    Not sure were i start!

    So AP label us as high risk or whatever! I am not even a seller i am a buyer so i don’t see why we should be charged high fees! higher than other atleast!

    What i really don’t understand is how they think! been a loyal AP customer who doesn’t create multiple account to avoid fees! Which by the way is not against AP policy! you can have 1 personal starter account and as many pro accounts as you want!

    I talked to CS yesterday after waiting on hold for 2 hours (NO JOKE) then she tells me that i should have received an eMail stating that i will get charged higher fees! then she told me she will direct me to a higher level of CS to verify whether i received such eMail or NO.. Ofcourse i waited on hold for another hour then this guy picks up and takes my details and out of no where he hangs up or the line gets disconnected! either way i am not keeping up with this **** i pay fees to get good customer support which they can’t offer! SO

    STP here i come

  9. Steve Shapiro says:

    No question about it that Solid Trust Pay is the superior payment processor to Alertpay, which has caused thousands of Internet marketers untold amounts of grief since the whole credit card debacle started last Fall.