Alertpay Credit Cards Are Back (Visa & Mastercard)

Alertpay Credit Cards Are Back
Alertpay Visa & Mastercard Working

AlertPay Credit Cards Issue

As unexpected as this seem Alertpay Credit Card transactions are now back and they are live right now. This is a great update and will generate a lot of cash flow to hundreds if not thousands of businesses online.

You can go right now and make a Credit Card ‘Deposit’ to your Alertpay balance and use it for payments.There is new system for the usage of Credit Cards with Alertpay and I will explain this below.


Alertpay Credit Card New System

Alertpay is using a new system to process Credit Card transactions, this system is new to Alertpay itself but not new in general, this will add a lot more stability to the payment processor and avoid the much problematic Charge backs done by the clients.

This new improvement to the CC transactions system will give the members and the merchants many advantages, some of these are the following :

1 – There won’t be anymore charge back. Since members will be depositing into their account instead of sending Credit Card payments, chargeback are not going to be allowed anymore thus removing that problem completely.

2 – Less Fees. Credit Card transactions with Alertpay used to charge high fees, now since you are going to be pay using your balance then the fees will be highly deducted.

Update 3/14/2012 : Looks like they took the system off for now, maybe working on a glitch or something.

Update 3/15/2012 : The Credit Card Deposit feature is now back up again, see a screen shot below.

Update 3/16/2012 : Now the credit card option is gone, I’ve seen members that were able to deposit and others still having trouble, they are working on everything and more likely it will be fully ready when they officially announce it.

Final Update : The credit card option is back up and fully working now. It requires for members to be a Verified by Visa member, they have few banks on their website but actually more banks are allowed, if I have to provide more information on this issue I will write a new post. Thanks for reading.

I will keep this post updated.

Here is how the new Alertpay Credit Card system works :

To make any purchases online using Alert Pay you will need to use your Alert Pay account balance. If you do not have sufficient funds in your Alert Pay account balance for that purchase, you will be able to fund your Alert Pay account using your credit card. Then you will be able to make your purchase using your Alert Pay account balance.

This system is in place right now! To fund your Alert Pay account using your credit card, login to Alert Pay and click on “Deposit”.

You can join Alertpay by clicking on the banner below.

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15 thoughts on “Alertpay Credit Cards Are Back (Visa & Mastercard)

  1. Douglas Lawson says:

    Just been to Alertpay and there is no option to fund my account by credit card

    • I got the news from a friend and was able to see the option myself but they took it off after few minutes, I should have taken a screen shot at least. More likely they will put it back up soon and working on a glitch or something.

    • I’m trying to insert a credit card to Alertpay,
      Your credit card XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-7320 has been successfully added to your AlertPay account. However, we were not able to apply the $1.00-2.00 charge to your credit card for validation as the transaction was declined. Please contact Customer Support for further instructions.

      Note: Once this credit card has been validated, it will be used as a back-up payment source for your subscriptions. You may change your Payment Preferences at any time.

      But when I walk into cradit card says it is disable on alertpay.

      Does anyone know what the problem is, since we already spent a few days no one responds from Alert Pay

    • Awesome WoW says:

      It’s a total joke. You can’t move the transaction fees from the seller and place them on the buyer. That’s so messed up. AlertPay is failing as a company and I would recommend Amazon Payments as an alternative.

  2. may i know if they also allow withdrawal to CC thanks

    • I don’t have that information, I will keep a close eye on their blog and stay tuned for the official announcement on the credit card system but we are now sure that it is a lot closer than what we think as I saw it in action myself earlier today when writing this post.

  3. Alertpay Credit Card Deposit System is Back Up (Visa & Mastercard).

  4. Today is 16/March , I tried to deposit but CC option is not available, is it enabled for certain countries only ? I live in uAE

    • The option is up and down but now it is there in your backoffice the option to deposit using Credit Card (Visa Verified)

  5. allwyn viegas says:

    Is it available for USA and Canada only or for all countries.

  6. empowerbulldogdotcom says:

    Funding alertpay by credit card seems to not be working at the moment and the verification option is currently disabled.

  7. Hello. Do you know when AlertPay will clear things up with the Visa/Mastercard issue? Trying to become verified on that after trying with SolidTrustPay.

    • Hello Phil,

      The Alertpay credit card has been solved for some time now.
      The Credit Card option is quite limited now compared to before but it is already fully working.