Alertpay Issues

Alertpay Issues

It looks like Alertpay issues are a bit bigger than what people thing and I suspected from the very beginning. Alertpay right now is having problems processing BankTransfer withdrawals and all type of Visa & Mastercard transactions, so members can’t use Credit Card nor withdraw using the above mentioned methods, not even checks are working for withdrawal.

What I noticed is that in the past 6 months Alertpay credit card system was down several times, my only guess was that their merchant accounts were banned and they had to switch to another provider, not it seems that its happening faster and more often.

My bank stopped working with them which is the reason why my Credit card won’t work and program owners are starting to say the same.

The reason for all this ofcourse is the nature of programs that Alertpay affiliates with, since these programs are always going up and down many and I mean many people report their transaction, do a charge back, file disputes, etc. This is causing some major issues for them.

In the past the biggest payment processor that every program is using always ends up closing. Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself here.

I wish them luck solving their problem and I also which that if they get out alive out of this one, they reduce their fees 😛

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Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

6 thoughts on “Alertpay Issues

  1. I agree about the fees!!! I had to get .60 cents only into my AP acc and it took $2, so they actually took off $1.40. That is high way robbery. Hope thay come right and as you say, reduce their fees.

  2. Alertpay was very humble when they got started and everything was going well for them. when the company started growing their nature changed. they increased their fees for transactions, no regards for their clients, banning other countries from using their services.
    they should reconsider their ways and everything will start going on well for them.

  3. I was happy to finally see an article on this issue!
    My money is stuck. Cannot withdraw at all. And funny they are still accepting payments no problem. I had a payment go in I forgot about. They allowed 110.00 payment to go through! Now I have 500.00 stuck in there. So no direct deposit, and a company like this can’t send out checks since that option is down also then What do you think will happen with accounts that still have money in there?
    This happened to me with epassporte as well. I eventually received the money in my account but it was a long time.
    There emails bring back memories of epassportes emails. Like there wasnt a big porblem here, until it came down to the end and the offshore bank took most of it.
    Makes it hard to trust any processors now. And Im sure they are not going to tell you your money is on some island far far away.
    Could they just keep all our funds and dissappear?
    Do you know if this company keeps the money offshore?
    I thought they were in Canada so silly me assumed since there phone # was Montreal that my money was kept in a Canadian Bank, but maybe not.
    I’d love more back ground info on the company as well.

  4. I dont think Alertpay will disappear and take with them everybody’s money. the problems are with the credit cards and people exploiting them to ask for chargebacks and also people spending thousands using the CCs and not paying up their banks.

    Paypal also has a similar situation I think. Except in USA and selected countries, most I think avails the services of ecurrency exchangers to withdraw money from AP, so they are not really concerned about the bank transfer problems.

  5. I have an alert pay account with all my customers on subscription .

    When alert pay came back online before did they process past subscriptions , that were missed when the service was down ?

    my biz is in real trouble because of this alert pay issue .