Alertpay No More, PayZa is Born!

Alertpay No More, PayZa Is Born!

Stupid title but I want to report that I accessed my PayZa backoffice just now for the first time. is no longer available and only shows a banner that points towards PayZa website.

So far the features all seen to be the same, withdrawals for me are the same as before, Bank Wire only and Debit Card not available in my country.

Bank Transfer to USA still not available, for now I can easily reach the conclusion that the change from Alertpay to PayZa is only the website and name but more likely they will be upgrading the system to add the additional and new features to it.

The Referral Program is working and you can get a PayZa account below :

PayZa Payment Processor eCurrency

And the banners as you can see above are definitely better 😛

Anyways, go check your own backoffice and let me know if you find any differences between PayZa and Alertpay.

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Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

22 thoughts on “Alertpay No More, PayZa is Born!

  1. I logged on to Payza and tried to validate my debit card but it was declined. Maybe try again in a few days.

    • Same problem here. I can’t validate my debit card. After one unsuccessful attempt, I am getting this message:
      “You cannot validate your credit card at this time. Please contact Customer Support for more information”
      Still waiting reply from customer support…

  2. Sebastião Carlos Fernandes says:

    O meu Alertpay depois de ter mudado para PAYZA, não mudou em nada para mim, ele está ótimo; Só ta faltando eu ganhar dinheiro para colocar la, ha ha ha .

  3. Yes I was log in I think it looks same…I was upset because I send some m money to my account but not there yet..I did it last week…I hope it will be there soon thanx

  4. Jacques Planson says:

    Sorry I am not as happy with PayZa as you are.
    I have a 500€ “pending deposit” for 3 weeks now. It was a “normal” bank transfer. The same as I made a couple of times before.
    No serious answer from support. I am still in law priority.
    They pretend to be overloaded with tickets.

    • Christopher says:

      I have the same problem with 2000€. I reported them to police 2 days ago as they do not even care about the problem. Before they became Payza all deposits were done within a few days.

      • Sorry to hear that, I think they are overloaded with support ticket about their credit card issue.

        Good luck.

        Have you tried calling their support staff?

    • Frank Tomsin says:

      I’m not happy at all eather…
      My deposit of SEVERAL THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS is also still pending, SINCE 3 FULL WEEKS NOW!!!!!

      Same answer: overloaded with tickets

      Where the F–k is my money and who will pay me the interests that I’m losing on that amount since it is pending?

      Yeah right! 2-4 businessdays!

  5. They want you to use credit card so they can charge you huge fee for instant transfer.

    • Do what I did and move to Solid Trust Pay.


      • I moved to Solid Trust Pay too but charges more fees 🙁

        • Solid Trust Pay Fees = 1% to everyone
          PayZa / Alertpay Fees = 2.5% business account and 3.9% other accounts, + 0.25$ and 0.59$
          Only the personal accounts has no fees but you have a limit of 400$usd.

          So by using Solid Trust Pay, I am now saving 2.9% + $0.59 Per Transaction.

          On a $1000 dollar transfer, STP charges me $10
          While PayZa / Alertpay charges me $39.59

          • Deposit funds into account by a credit card Payza charges 3.5% and STP charges 5.5-6.5% + 1.5$ per transaction.
            Withdraw funds by bank transfer Payza charges 0.50$ ans STP charges 15-20$.

          • Normally I withdraw more than deposit and I hope everyone is in the same situation.

            Also those fees are for Credit Card deposits.

  6. Hello,

    I am from France and I deposited 500€ with bank transfer to my ewallet and it is still pending, does anyone know if I click the cancel blue button, I will get my moneyback automatically?.
    Or will I get my moneyback if I cancel my account from Payza?

    • I have no idea sorry, I think you should contact support.

      • Hello,

        This is because I don’t receive any reply from support that I am trying get my moneyback alone, this payment processor is not serious.


    • HI Tony,

      I have the same problem. I’m from UK and I deposited money into Pazya and it is still pending. I keep sending them e-mails everyday, but no answer and my money seems to be lost.

      It’s been 5 weeks today I have deposited my money.

      I was thinking to cancel the transaction, but I’m afraid to do that.

      I will let you know if I get any response from Payza.


      • That’s crazy Susana, sorry to hear that.

        I’ve already heard from dozens of people having this exact same problem.

  7. Como posso transferir dinheiro da minha conta no Brasil para payza.
    Alguem sabe me informar?

    • It depends if Brasil is accepted by Payza, if it is you will find step by step instructions on how to deposit funds in your PayZa backoffice.

  8. Glad I was waiting for credit card and went ahead and used Solidtrust. Solidtrust was costly but I needed it quick, got it done in 24hr.