Alertpay Will Now Be Payza (Payment Processors)

Alertpay Will Now Be Payza


Alertpay is now changing their name to Payza, they have been working hard in the last few months to put their Credit Card issue back on track and also working on removing all sort of mlms / cycler / matrix / hyips from thier service.

Alertpay soon to be Payza already removed 90% of all exchangers and soon exchanging from Alertpay to STP, LR and others through a verified exchanger will be impossible, they won’t support that type of service anymore.

I noticed a trend where Alertpay wanted to be more like Paypal and fully dump the “Online Money Making Industry” at least the unstable part of it, which is everything that isn’t an Affiliate Program like those on Clickbank.


What Will Happen?

This is just a guess and my personal opinion on what I think will happen with Alertpay once they become Payza.

First – Alertpay removes all the connections to traffic exchangers and put their Credit Card service back on track.

Second – Alertpay changes its name to Payza.

Third – Alertpay dumps all of the “Get Rich Quick” or unstable online money making programs.

In my opinion changing the name from Alertpay to Payza will help them get rid of the bad publicity they had in the past or at least the publicity of them being related to all sort of Hyips and Ponzies. After that they can have a fresh start with only online stores selling real products, affiliate programs and maybe a few PTC just like Paypal does.

I don’t know how much longer all the program administrators have but soon Alertpay won’t be an option to join any Surf, Hyip, MLM, Cycler, Matrix, etc.

11 thoughts on “Alertpay Will Now Be Payza (Payment Processors)

  1. thanks dear..great information….

  2. thank you so much for the info.

  3. Now that AP changes, maybe Norwegians can have the debit card too 😉
    This couldn’t be better


  4. thanks for the info earlier itself

  5. Richard Monteiro says:

    Hi Dirson,

    Thanks for the information! It helps when there is someone out there knowing what’s going on and in return impart the information to us folks!

    BTW W4AT has been around for quite a while, Dirson! It’s surprising it took you so long to know the facets of this wonderful program! I think this program will outshine all other programs! My bet is W4AT and soon to be joining BB (now don’t ask me why i took so long to make the decision). LOL

    Richard Monteiro

    • Well, you know with all these programs around, it’s hard to choose sometimes and I tend to get on a “I missed it” mood when a program is just few months old.

      Wealth4All Team looked really good, so ignored my mood and went for it 🙂

  6. please i want to know when will the major changes in alertpay take place.

    • Spring, but they are already charging higher fees on many of their customers and stopped business with all of the e-currency exchangers.

  7. AGBAYIZATO says:


    I have a problem with alertpay, since April 16, 2012 I made a bank transfer to my alertpay account. but until now my account is not activated:
    I tried to contact their customer service and my unanswered email messages do not answer me. What is happening and how do I do?

    Thank you for answering me.


  8. If AP/PZ is now trying to be like Paypal…they would be in for a big surprise becaue they would be losing a big share of the market and there would probably be a new payment processor on the horizon ready to take on the challenge of filling the vacuum left by AP/PZ.