All Income Opportunity Update (CWC, WSC, BB, DP, Bi-24, AutoXTen & OneX)

– Latest Income Opportunity Update –

This will be an update for my team and everyone who wants to read about all the programs that I am currently in. I will also provide a link for you do check additional information about the program if you want to.

– Passive Income Programs –


Lots of updates for BannersBrokers and lets start with the life span of the program. This program has a nice and unique concept based on sales but thanks to our team strategy it can be treated as a Passive Income.

BannersBrokers is now 10 months old and will become 1 year old in October, the program is rock solid and sales are always coming in, in bulks.

If you want to join this program do it now, there is a monthly fee of $10usd which will soon become $15usd, so even if you decide to upgrade in 10 more months Join Now and you will pay the monthly fee we have now whenever you decide to upgrade. They changed servers and the website is now a lot faster than before, you can also un-redeem panels this is a great feature and already helped me in getting some additional purple panels.

They’ve added some additional payment options like SolidTrustPay, Alertpay, Liberty Reserve and Direct Bank transactions for India and USA, also commissions paid out now are over $5,500,000usd. Panels also seem to be doubling faster the only downside is that payments take a long time before reaching your Alertpay account.

I head from my upline that they have around 18,000+ members.

*Note : The e-mail server is being updated so there is a backlog, so if you are a member check your backoffice more likely there is movement and you already doubled several panels without knowing due to no confirmation emails.

Also go to your account under the ‘My Buys” Tab click on ‘View Panel Codes’ make sure to redeem every available panel you have by clicking on ‘[Redeem]’


Centurion Wealth Circle

CWC has gone through a lot starting by being one of the fastest growing passive income programs around it then suddenly had a downside when the cycles slowed down, not to our suprise Admin (Larry Harper) came up with several solutions to this slow time and set up a feeder program called Tornado, the Tornado Profit System so far has been a great success and in another 30~ hours we will see its effect into CWC main Profit Sharing System (PSS).

Membership is now 8,400~ and growing, there are more improvements to come, faster cycling coming ahead and more feeder programs to make CWC really strong and stable, stay tuned for more news as they become available. Payments here in CWC are never a problem and they always hit my Alertpay within few days.

In less than 34 hours we will know the exact effect of CWC Tornado on the main cycler.


Wealth Share Club

This is by far my favorite program thanks to all the features and the supportive Admin team it has. It went public on the 3rd August and so far there are a little over 600 members, membership is growing slow but steady and speeding up with each passing day.

Everything is handled with extreme caution and the website is being improved on a daily basis.
This program has the perfect plan for a long term passive income.

Withdrawals once a week or month (You choose).
Monthly subscription fee or not (You choose).
0.5 – 2% Daily without referrals.
7% Referral commissions and Recruiters can only earn as much as they put into the program.
Can repurchase from balance only once a week (Stability).
Payments are processed almost instantly upon request.

I could go on but you need to check it out yourself, don’t miss it.
We have been getting 2% everyday since day 1.



This program is based on 2% guaranteed daily ROI, admin is really active on forums and willing to help members. Payments are processed very fast and support is also good. It has a 7% referral commissions for out of pocket purchase and no repurchase commissions, the program since to be growing nicely and also solid.



This program made quite a fuzz and is still growing rapidly, I don’t have much to say about it because I haven’t been following up with it just bought a share and left it there. You get about 2.5% daily ROI and payments are good.

The above is a list of ‘Passive Income Programs’ that I am a member of, always make sure to diversify as much as possible and invest only what you can afford to loose.

– Active Income Programs –

Here I only have two programs that I am actively building and you can guess without reading which one are those.

OneX & QLxchange

OneX has been a tremendous success, everything that we expected so far. There is mini convetion going on in Las Vegas, Nevada where leaders will get together to discuss the business and the future with OneX, it seems like this company is really possed for Long Term. Just a $5 payment can get you started, the rest is up to you to build your own business to earn.

Payments are now processed on a daily basis and they are always paid on time, commissions are shown instantly in your backoffice and now they are planning on doing a matrix compression to take care of all the free members there.

QLxchange is still expected to launch this month (August), it is a monthly residual income with a 3×9 Forced Matrix as compensation plan and the product is Real Gold & Silver that you can take to your house if you want, so your monthly fee won’t be going to any ebook but Real Gold & Silver instead which is the currency of the future.



Some issues with the matrix but it looks like its allĀ  solved now, program running smoothly and paying as planned. Just $10usd one time payment with Alertpay, they added now a Company Advertising Co-op where you can buy shares and get referrals directly from the company advertising.

Payments are processed every few days and for the price it should be a program not to miss.

I created a TeamBuild strategy for both AutoXTen and OneX but not many members are following, it would require for me to take the first step to take off but its just too much work, the team gets too big too fast and I am not able to keep up, I need leaders that are willing to take care of their team to get this started.

If I missed anything let me know.
Leave your questions, comments, suggestions or anything you want to express in the comment section below :

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