Apsense as a Great Advertising Source with Step by Step Instructions

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I joined Apsense several years ago but lately I’ve been using it a lot and generating tons of free targeted traffic to my websites in a matter of minutes, without problems, having to wait for confirmation nor having to pay for it. What we are going to take advantage of here is the High Rank that Apsense has as a Social Networking website for Entrepreneurs and the high ranking it gets on Search Engines. In this post I will give you step by step instructions on how to join Apsense and set up and ad that will come up on top of the search engine results leaving behind all of your competition and generating you tons of good, targeted, free traffic.

Apsense has tons of ways to advertise for free or paid but we are going to take advantage of a free feature they have called RevPages, it only takes few minutes to set up and it costs nothing, there is no need to wait for approval and you can make as many as you want.

Just few days ago I joined That Free Thing and the competition is huge, lots of people are advertising it due to the great opportunity it is. Since I didn’t join on day one because I didn’t have the chance of getting top ranking on Google and other search engines for this keyword and once I searched for “That Free Thing” I saw that there are 780,000,000 results on Google.

I went to Apsense and created 4 RevPages one titled “Is That Free Thing a Scam“. Even though there were over 28,000,000 results on Google for that term I got first results with Apsense. So here is the Step by Step instructions on how to join Apsense and get your RevPage done for free, fast and easy. The easiest way to get the 1st result on Google without knowing anything about SEO nor writing 10 pages of original content and knowing anything about keyword density.

You can do the same for any type of affiliate program, website, blog, business opportunity or whatever you want to sell.

Step 1 – Go to Apsense.com and Join for Free

Step 2 – Complete your profile to get more traffic including signature and all the needed details is also recommend to add an image. By putting up a signature you can get traffic through it on top of the RevPages, also fill up your business center to get even more free exposure and backlinks to your website.

Step 3 – On the top menu click on “RevPages” – “+ Create RevPage”

Apsense 1


Step 4 – Now you will start your RevPage, all the information is optional and you can put whatever you want, I will make an example of a RevPage for this blog. The first step is really basic, the title, category and your website link. Once done click on “Next Step”

Step 5 –  This is step is important because this info is highlighted so you really want to put out the best features of your product, website, blog, etc.

Apsense 2


Step 6 – Tags are the words that best describe your website or product, for Tags I would use : Advertising, Marketing, Free Website Traffic, Income Opportunities, etc. They have feel tools that help you generate tags if you don’t know exactly what to put there.

Step 7 –  Always upload an image, even if it’s not related to your product you can find some good images on Google, this step is about that. Once you are done click on “Next Step”

Step 8 – Now is the Review step, you need to put all of the relevant information about your product here, what it is about, benefits, potential, etc.

Step 9 – “Fill with related content” This step is really easy, if our product is about Free Food Packages, then just type in Free Food Packages in the box and you will get tons of results, click on Next and you are done. The next step is to click on “Publish” and your RevPage will be live instantly.

To see a RevPage example click HERE

That’s all, with something as simple as this you can get top placement on search engines and get ahead of your competition, generate good free traffic and make sales. If you have any questions feel free to contact me through the contact form on top.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz

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  1. Yet another helpful article for online advertising! Keep up the great posts!

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