Argent Global Network Could It Be Zeek Rewards 2.0?

NO Zeek Rewards is not back in business BUT I believe Argent Global Network’s hybrid plan takes the best of Zeek Rewards and merges it with Telexfree and a management team with integrity to create what I like to call “Zeek Rewards 2.0”
The management team is made up of 4 founders, two on the financial side with a network marketing background out of Ireland and two professional entrepreneurs with a prolific Network Marketing Background.
The program is domiciled in Belize and officially went into beta launch in August. I waited and watched then reconnected with Victor and I am blown away by what they have done so far. The program is now officially in soft launch until January 2014.
At the writing of this email there are less than 14,000 reps globally less than 300 in the U.S and Canada. The market is wide open and truly looking for something like this. When I ask people what was the most intriguing thing about Zeek Rewards aside from the passive income and the Penny Auction that no one really has capitalized off of to date most people agree it was their FREE Membership Blueprint to passive income. These guys have taken it to another level and I believe it will get many people who have sworn off passive income programs in general to dip their toe back in the water.
This is the exact comp plan with just a few enhancements that allowed me to go from zero to 400,000 reps in less than 18 months. This truly has the same if not better potential even faster because people know this formula works. There are a few distinct differences that, in my opinion give AGN a huge potential to be here for decades.
Here is some sizzle on Zeek Rewards 2.0. ( This is a pet name only here are a number of distinct differences between Argent Global Network and Zeek Rewards)
 (Beta testing began in August. I waited until today October 11th to join. Soft Launch is from now until January 2014 )
Post ONE ad per day to qualify for weekly income. The ad promotes the retail advertising platform. Takes about 3 minutes per day.
Start FREE and earn your way to a $150 bonus package that pays you
$10 per week for 52 weeks or up to $520 for the year.  Free members post ads daily for 60 days,
afterwards they are required to upgrade to at least the $10 silver membership in order to get paid $10 per week
or $40 per month from that point on for the next 6 months.
Even FREE Members earn referral commissions on ONE level!
Silver, Gold or Diamond Membership Options $10, $50, $100 per month respectively.
The higher the membership the more advantages.
Get paid 20% commission for all direct referrals on the matrix subscription.
2 x 21 Forced Matrix Over $1,000,000.00 per month potential
.40-$3.50 per person in the matrix no matter who referred them once qualified.
A personal diamond referral pays you $23.50 per month.
Just 5 at the same level and your subscription comes out of profit NOT out of pocket.
Get paid on up to TWO levels for ad package purchases. A diamond gets paid 10% on level one and 5% on level two.
As an example you are a diamond you refer a diamond who purchases a $2,400 VIP plus package.
You get paid $240 instantly. That person enrolls someone who does the same they get paid the $240 instantly
YOU get paid the $120 override instantly!
The commission is paid on new purchases and repurchases.
Minimum withdraw is only $30.00
If you miss a day of ad posting you still get paid up to 80% of your weekly contract amount!
Miss one day get paid 80% of your contract amount.
Miss two days get paid 60% of your contract amount
Miss three days get paid 40% of your contract amount
Miss four days no earnings for that week. This in my opinion is beyond fair!
Current Alexa Ranking for the company website is around 15000 they are already
in the top 50000 most visited websites online!
This provides a huge opportunity to generate retail sales.
Most members in Russia and Brazil. Very few in the U.S as of this date.
Three platforms provide outside income and profits.
A) Advertising-  Retail Advertising pays 30% commission to the seller. Ads appear on front of website.
B) Online Shopping Network with below retail prices for customers slightly above wholesale for members launching soon.
C) Gaming Platform will be launched in 4-8 weeks
Silver Members can buy up to 20 AD Packs
Gold Members can buy up to 50 AD Packs
Diamond Members can buy up to 100 AD Packs.
***You only have to post ONE ad per day per 10 packages you have in your membership.
Packages and potential
Basic turns $150 ad purchase into $520 per year, post just one ad per day.
Basic Plus turns $300 ad purchase into $1040 per year per year, post just one ad per day
Premium turns $600 ad purchase into $2080 per year per year, post just one ad per day
VIP turns $1200 ad purchase into $4160 per year per year, post just one ad per day
VIP Plus turns $2400 ad purchase into $8320 per year per year, post just one ad per day
Discover Argent Global Network and its unique Passive Weekly Business Opportunity by visiting
***If you want to hear a short presentation you can take a listen to our team overview call by dialing
641 715-3900 X 715963 anytime 24 hours per day.
Our team is the M.I.H Team headed by Me Owen Brown
no other team has a presentation like ours and no other team presentation like ours and no other team will provide
you with the support, training and resources you need to grow your business like ours if you decide to join us.
Feel free to contact me by email at elementstowealth [@] gmail dot com.

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