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I think that everyone knows about Article Submission but not many people do it because they think its hard, I am Dominican and my first language is Spanish, I am not good writing in Spanish and even worst in English but I try and that’s a ll you need in order to be able to promote your business / website… Be willing to try and take the first step and get started, that’s why I provide you with Step by Step instructions on how to get started, after you follow a few of my guides then you will be on your way to long term success online.

Advertising with Articles has many benefits other than just creating traffic to your website. When you write an Article you are branding yourself, if people find your Article useful they will share it. You get high ranking on Google, plus other benefits.

Our main goal right now is to use Article Submissions to generate traffic to a certain website which can later on be translated into “Money”.

There are some basics steps that must be followed… like always editing your profile before submitting an article, adding a profile image, etc. but this will be explained in details in one of the step by step examples below.

Some Article Submission websites are very, very, strict while others aren’t strict at all, so if you don’t meet the requirements in one or two websites then don’t give up and find one that is less strict and allows you to write about anything you want in any way you want to. Normally I will be posting the Top Article Submission websites on the internet but will also provide a directory with tons of Article Submission websites for you to choose, just like the Classified Ads Advertising the more articles you submit the better, more traffic, more hits, more exposure, more sales, etc.

Top Article Submission Websites :

  1. Ezine Articles – Alexa Rank #100 Worldwide
  2. Buzzle – Alexa Rank #500
  3. GoArticles – Alexa Rank #2200 Really Famous one
  4. ArticleBase – Alexa Rank #310

Here is how you post an Article, in few simple steps.

Example – ArticleBase

Step 1 – Go to and Register a new account, this is very simple here as they only ask for name, email and password.

Step 2 – Log into your account after activating it through your e-mail edit your profile under “Account Overview” on the right hand side of your screen, click on “Change”

Note : This is the basic step that you should never miss in any Article Submission website, you must always edit your profile and add your all of your details including a picture of you and your contact information.  You can choose to leave your phone number, I don’t but if you are comfortable receiving phone calls from prospects or strangers then feel free to do so. This is a one time process and you can use the same information in all of the websites to fill up your profile, so the second time you are posting articles its a lot easier, it only requires to go to “Submit Article” and fill up the content.

This is how it looks like on ArticleBase when you hit on “Change” / “Edit Profile”, this is where all your traffic will be coming from. In this website they accept HTML so make sure to make your links Clickable, once you are done click on “Submit” :

Step 3 – Now that your Resource Box / Signature is ready click on “Publish Article” on the left Menu! Here is how it looks…

Your Keywords are the… Well Key Words, if you are writing about Apple Juice, then two of your keywords are Apple and Juice, followed by what are you writing about Apple Juice, either how its made or what are the benefits. Since I am writing about how to get twitter followers on this article then those are my Keywords.

Step 4 – You are done, your Article will now be reviewed and as soon as it is approved it will be published, you will get a great backlink to your website plus hopefully many hits if people find your information useful and or interesting, also these articles are picked up by Search Engines big time, so if someone is searching for “How to get twitter followers for free” you get good chances of being picked by that person giving you more exposure.

This is how really it is to submit an article online, you can submit as many as you want or Can.

As promised here is a link with over 500 Article Submission websites :

Go there and post your article in as many websites as you can, if you can’t figure out what to type about but you already have your topic, google your topic with “Article” next to it and you will get some examples, you will also get some more websites where you can submit your own.

I was planning on posting a second example but its already too late, if you want a second example with another Article Submission website just let me know through the contact me page on top, I will be more than happy to post it for you.

Kind Regards

Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

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      I am writting a new one right now on how to get additional traffic by using Social Bookmarking websites, make sure to check it out.


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