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Small Update

Hello everyone, how are you doing? Well for me to know you will have to leave a comment.

I want to share my experience so far with AutoXTen and to be honest I thought I am a bit surprised with the results.

First of all some of the Founders / Admins left the program and there are only a few left, as I can see from their last update it says ” Franco, Jeff & Jaime”, the others I can’t remember their names but that is ok, this update is not about that.

Now AutoXTen has become really big with over 120,000 Members from which around 60,000 are paid, that is a huge membership. They had some problems with the matrix and it was solved, there were also some issues with the Freedom Phase income and that was also solved and all members got paid.

In my own experience I’ve been paid all the time without problems, my lat payment request was of almost $200usd and it was processed in less than 24 hours. Some members say that the program is dead because it isn’t moving and that is definitely not true, if a program moves or not it only depends on YOU and your Team building efforts.

The cost to join AutoXTen is really low at only $10usd one time, so anyone can try this and if you are serious then you can make some big bucks by referring it to others (Making Sales).

I made a capture page that I can duplicate for members for a very low cost, you can find the details here : AutoXTen Marketing Tools

If you want to join just click on the banner below.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

2 thoughts on “AutoXTen (Fully Working & Paying)

  1. todsay i cannot log into my autoxten
    is there any issues
    i also got paid!