AutoXTen Marketing Tools, Capture Pages & Team Strategy

AutoXTen Lead Capture Pages and TeamBuild Strategy are here!

We have two points to discuss :

  • Lead Capture Pages
  • TeamBuild Pay It Forward Strategy

Before I go there let me give you few details about AutoXTen.

AutoXTen is a Multi Level Marketing program which offers Digital Products, you can get started, build a business and earn unlimited income potential with only a one time out of pocket fee of $10usd alertpay, with your one time payment you are all set to get started and earn the maximum.

The Compensation Plan is based on a 4×4 Matrix, you can find all the details and become a member by going here (You can also find my payment proof in this blog) >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Join AutoXTen Now


1 – AutoXTen duplicable Leads Capture Pages for better Advertising Results and Conversion.

Here is the lead capture page (You can test it) :
Once prospects inputs their information, they are redirected to your AutoXTen referral link so they can sign up.

As soon as they confirm their e-mail address then they are sent to the confirmation successful page and you receive an e-mail instantly containing their contact information.

You can get a capture page like this one for as low as $7,99 if you are in my team / downline (Alertpay, Paypal, Moneybookers or SolidTrustPay).
If you are not in my team / downline then there is a $14,99-usd fee.

The reason for the fee is that I need to pay for Hosting,  Autoresponder, Forwarding service and the time to make the pages (hope you understand).

Please have ready an “username”, “e-mail” and your “AutoXTen Referral link” when ordering your page (You can also add contact info like, skype, msn, etc).

As soon as you have your capture page you can start advertising, your conversion ratio will be higher, you will get more prospects and sign ups, it is recommended to contact them as fast as possible after they optin in your page. For Advertising Guides & Strategies with Step by Step instructions go here.


2 – TeamBuild Pay It Forward Strategy

This is a very simple strategy and a very powerful one thanks to AutoXTen compensation plan. In a nutshell you have to pay the membership fee for four members with one condition that being that they do the same.

As soon as a member joins your capture page you send them an email welcoming (email sample at the bottom of the post) them to the team and telling them that you want to pay their way in, as soon as they reply you share the details of the strategy and explain that they will need to do the same but they don’t have to worry, to get four paid members the total cost will only be $4usd.

Here are the details.

AutoXTen compensation plan is based on a 4×4 Forced Matrix and each level pays a different amount of money, the first level pays $10 per member and your joining fee is $10 which means that you will earn $10 for everyone of your first four referrals, there is a small $1usd fee to upgrade a referral so when you do upgrade them you end up spending $11 per referral which is a total of $44, out of that $40 goes back to you instantly as commissions and you end up with a total of $4 out of pocket investment and now have a ready to build frontline. You can withdraw your commissions and payments are processed daily @ 3pm EST.

Here is an illustration of the matrix.

I will make another website with step by step instructions for members to follow, starting after they sign up : How To Purchase Xcodes,  How to upgrade their referrals with the Xcodes and How to withdraw their commissions.

Make sure to order your Lead Capture Page by using the contact me form or sending me an e-mail, I will get it done right away I will also give you my payment details on the e-mail reply.

*** Sampel Welcome E-mail for Prospects ***

Subject : Hello <name>, Here is your requested AutoXTen Information

Body :

Hello <name>,

Thanks for requesting additional information about AutoXTen.
I think you’ve made a great decision.

Let me tell you that I am willing to pay your way into AutoXTen and
there is no catch, if I pay your way in as one of my direct referrals
I will earn 100% commissions on your upgrade plus a 50% matching bonus
on your future earnings, so paying your way in is in the best interest
for both us.

So upgrading your account will actually cost me only $1, which is the
transaction fee.

All I ask for you is to do the same and follow the same strategy that
I am doing, pay for four members. The total investment is $44 and you
get $40 in instant commissions back to you that are paid on a daily

You can find the compensation plan and product details by visiting
my link here :

Our upline has made some tools available for us to promote and grow our
business including step by step advertising guides and strategies, get
back to you me if you want additional details on that.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz

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Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz


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