AutoXTen & OneX – First Commissions Run!

Commissions are showing and available on both similar programs AutoXTen & OneX and it happened on both just few hours apart from each other, what a coincidence.

If you didn’t upgrade before the commissions run, Do Not Worry, you can go ahead and Join / Upgrade Now, just click on the title below of the program you want to Join / Upgrade and follow the onscreen instructions.

— OneX / QLxchange —

After going through many challenges it seems like everything is in place now, OneX Round 1 commissions run was completed successful and everything is working in the backoffice. We can use Major Credit Cards and SolidTrustPay to purchase products and upgrade.

So far the withdrawal function hasn’t been activated, as soon as it does I will keep you updated.

I have made a page that has all the OneX Advertising & Marketing Tools needed to promote this income opportunity and for only $5 one time payment, is something that you can’t really miss.

Update 7/15 : Still waiting for the withdrawal option to be  available as soon as it is I will send out an email update about it, to receive email updates you can optin by filling up the form on the left of this page <<<<

Payment received, you can see the details here :


— AutoXTen —

So far this program has had the smoothest launch I have seem in the last 8 months, since everything went perfectly as planned and commissions are already showing and available for withdrawal, Yes that is right I can choose to withdraw my funds already and the first payrun is going to be processed on 7/13/2011 @ 12:00 PM EST, this is when we will be able to see our payments in our payment processor accounts.

AutoXTen is a one time payment of $10 program and you can choose to add an additional source of income (A Residual One) for $20 / month, that is totally optional, I also provide Advertising & Marketing Tools for AutoXTen that a friend made available for everyone.

Update : I Got Paid

After contacting support to ask few questions I was lucky enough to be chose to test the Alertpay API and my payment was processed, so now AutoXTen is live and kicking and also paying. I normally don’t post payment proof in this blog but I am going to make an exception, maybe make an exception for OneX when that one pays also. Here is the screen shot.

AutoXTen Payment Proof
AutoXTen Payment Proof

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Leave your comments in the section below :

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Dirson Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

9 thoughts on “AutoXTen & OneX – First Commissions Run!

    Some people are waiting for ONEX payout before they join or continue
    I am working to have a good downline by end of July
    Thanks again: goldeneggs

  2. That’s good Goldeneggs! You said before that you think some of your contacts intended to join with you in OneX but ended up with “no sponsor”. Can you get some usernames so the support section can check if these people are “no sponsor”?

    • I will be signing up people, and doing followup for email confirmation
      this way is flawless. up close and personal!
      The other people are trying to build theie own team.
      i wish them good luck.

  3. I wish someone would sponser me 🙁 I’m a bit broke right now, I wonder if they could loan me the $35!?

    • its $5 Chris, one egg at a time.
      post your info, and proberly someone on this blog might just do that!

  4. I can do it, just sign up using my link and give me your username.
    My link is

    Really simple.
    Remember that if you don’t refer others you are not going to make any money, so if you are not planning to build your business then you will be wasting your time.

    Just so you know.