Banners Broker Is Already Dead!!!

Banners Broker Is Already Dead!!!

Where is BB Today?

Many people argue that the fact that the Banners Broker website is still running and the administrator still paying selectively few people out of tens of thousands waiting for their withdrawals means that the system is still working.

If you are one of those that believe that Banners Broker is a huge company that is rocking the internet let me burst your bubble and tell you that Banners Broker Is DEAD!

Everyday that Banners Broker is still out there lying, deceiving and mis-reprensenting their program is just an embarrassment to the people involved and those still promoting it.

Banners Broker have reached ridiculous levels of deception and lying.

They made it almost impossible for affiliates to withdraw any of their commissions and now they are making it impossible for affiliates to earn all together.

Their big promise of earning without referring, recruiting is not needed, selling advertising through brokers, etc. Is now gone. You can’t earn with Banners Broker unless you become a full time writer for them, refer tons of other affiliates and at the same time to commit and pay up front thousands of dollars in membership fees, panel fees, traffic packs fees, etc.

One of their biggest scams they had were the claims that they must be legit because they were working with Mastercard. Guess what? Mastercard took down the Banners Broker debit card because they are literally scamming people and they don’t want anything to do with that.


So, where is Banners Broker Today?

– Censorship levels has reached incredible heights. The TalkingBB forum was closed down due to people asking questions and complaining about not being paid.

– The Skype groups are full of people complaining about not getting paid and ridiculous requirements for them to be able to either withdraw or earn all together.

– The Facebook groups are full of people complaining about not getting their money.

– Each time you complain and ask a question your account can be closed and all the funds in it stolen.

– Banners Brokers management claims on each and every single conference calls that payments are just a bit delayed and they are only few weeks behind. Something like “All payments are done up to the 28th February.”

– The truth is that thousands of people (literally) are still waiting for payments from October, November, December, January and February as well. I see these people posting daily complaining on forums every single day.

If you join Banners Broker today with the hope of making any money you are just giving your own away, you would have to write hundreds of blogs, refer dozens of people, invest thousands of dollars and then wait forever for the non moving panels to move so you can earn, to only have to wait another 3-6 months before you ever get paid.

I’ve said this in the past but there are many ways of killing a program and I predicted how BB would be killed.

Banners Broker v2.9 is the death of Banners Broker because it makes it impossible for affiliates to earn.

Anyone getting paid now is an old withdrawal that has been pending for months because the new requirements makes it impossible to earn.


Here are the strategies used by admin or forced to them when a program is shut down.

– They can simply shut down the website and run off with whatever is left in the payment processor accounts, hoping not to get caught by the authorities.

– They can make up some excuse that they got hacked and they are going to fix everything but they have to take the website down, leave it down for few months and retreat slowly.

– They can get truly shut down but one of the many world agencies in charge of investigating this type of business.

– *They can change the compensation plan to make it impossible for members to earn, provide terrible support and overtime people will get frustrated and leave the program slowly as they give up.

The last one, is the one being used by the Banners Broker administrators.


90% of the people in Banners Broker know what is going on.

Lots of people deny it, other do not believe it and some don’t want to believe it but most of them know what is going on.

– Affiliates in Banners Broker know that panel movement stopped to almost a crawl.

– Affiliates in Banners Broker know that they are putting more and more requirements for you to earn to actually stop you from earning. These requirements that are being set in place over night are not there to help you. They are there to stop you from earning. One of the latest is the fact that you must have a campaign in order to earn but some of the campaign features aren’t working at all.

– Affiliates in Banners Broker know that payments are extremely late and some not paid at all. They missed a bunch of people on purpose and they are not even going back to that.

– Affiliates in Banners Broker know that they are being lied to on the calls and that they were lied to in the past, they just can’t admit it or talk about because that would mean giving away their money as their accounts get closed down.

– Affiliates in Banners Broker know exactly what is going on (most of them) and are starting to speak out.

David Hooker, Chris Smith, Raj Dixvit and the crew can keep on lying but they can’t hide the things that are happenings and actions are worth thousands of words each. They say one thing on the calls but people see different stuff going on their screen. You can only push people to a certain limit and at some point they will fight back and stand up for themselves.


What to do know?

If you know what is going on and want out, here are a few suggestions!

– Try contacting your bank or any of the payment method you used to buy into Banners Broker and request a refund or file a dispute. You can honestly claim that you paid for a product (Banner Impressions) that you are not receiving, you can also add to that, that their affiliate program promised certain earnings and compensation and was soon changed after you paid in leaving you with something that you didn’t pay for.

РYou can request small withdrawals to increase your chances of getting paid. Request from $100-$300 and use SolidTrust Pay over Payza when possible  as more fund are sitting in their STP accounts than PayZa.

– Demand a refund directly from them and record any chat or conversation just in case you might need them in the future.

– If you used PayZa to buy into Banners Broker the chances are that you can get a refund by telling them about the plan changes and the fact that you never received the “product” you paid for.

– Request a refund directly from David Hooker, you can contact him using the following email address

– If you are already in profit move on. Spend wisely, only put in money that you can afford to lose. Don’t use bill money to join anything online or offline and finally, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket “Diversify”.

I hope you find this post useful, if not at least entertaining or time wasting or whatever.

Thanks a lot for reading.

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Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz

3 thoughts on “Banners Broker Is Already Dead!!!

  1. Banners brokers had a great run to bad I wasn’t a part of it but as strosdegoz says you need to see the writing on the wall when a program starts going bad . Great new program coming up will be huge JUBIREV

  2. First I will lay out a picture for everyone on how things have happened, I will then address Whistlers post.

    me make this clear the official story BB uses now is not entirely true,
    neither was the story Kul used at meetings when he travelled around
    each country under Chris Smith’s supervision and direction as the “VP of
    sales and marketing”. BB started with Kul Josun, Chris Smith, Lorenzo
    Gurini and Raj Dikshit. They borrowed $30,000 from Kul Josun’s brother
    who they paid back $90,000.

    When I say BB is run by amateurs I
    truly mean this and you will understand why. There has always been
    fighting behind the scenes, Chris Smith is a quiet guy who lets Raj
    Dikshit command everything. In the early days Kul Josun used to think
    his position was higher than it was and would order the staff around
    like he was above them. This caused problems between him and Lorenzo
    Gurini which eventually lead to them all send Kul Josun off to do
    meetings when they were up to something and didn’t want him to know

    So Kul Would travel to the UK, Ireland, Portugal and doing
    meetings with the people who would be the IC’s eventually. For anyone
    who attended these meetings it was clear Kul couldn’t answer any
    questions and he would sit back basically and everyone thought he was
    awesome for some reason. He also told people he was the only owner. I
    have it on good authority that the then that “not IC’s” didn’t have
    contact with Chris Smith and Kul was their only contact for any

    Kul was never a professional, I know many people who
    joined BB in those days who were waiting weeks for their accounts to be
    funded because Kul messed around. People were told to send funds to bank
    accounts which Kul would then fund their Ewallet. This was a time when
    people would join with 20/30/40k +. Eventually his daughter came into
    the picture and they would take peoples details who had problems and say
    they would fix things which never happened.

    I have a person who
    now regrets their actions but they were involved with the scammer group I
    mentioned previously, this group was originally going to blackmail Kul
    via Sharon James trying to sleep with him and then Imitaz Aslam planning
    to hire a call girl. In the end they didn’t have to do any of this as
    they managed to get Kul onside to get Ian Driscoll removed from BB as
    they wanted his position.

    Suddenly this group of con men are
    cross pitching Zeek Rewards at the UK meetings and it apparently took
    lots of effort to get Kul to act, which makes perfect sense when you
    know the full picture. BB HQ eventually sent Sharon, Imitaz, Keith all
    cease and desist letters with the understanding that the next thing they
    did wrong would cause them to be removed from Banners Broker.

    all this Banners Broker was about to hand Lieven Van Neste the whole
    account management setup, which he would have people working for next to
    nothing whilst he creamed the big cut for overseeing all this.
    Eventually Lieven was removed from BB and everyone was told not to talk
    with him or you will be kicked out as well. No one knows why this
    happened but it came about later that Kul had a hand in this and used
    Raj to facilitate it. Eventually Banners Broker would pay off Lieven to
    keep him quiet after he was going to serve legals to them at the Ireland

    Now the Portugal event was happening, this would be the
    first time anyone has seen Chris Smith and Raj Dikshit. Insider info
    tells me Kul booked the most expensive room at the hotel and Raj/Chris
    got very basic ones with their families.

    One day Chris/Raj went
    out on a family day when Kul told all the now IC’s there was a meeting,
    it turned out whilst Chris/Raj were out Kul invited a German MLM company
    (NWA ) to do a presentation to the IC’s in an effort to sign them up
    and buy a country position and thousands in product, which he wanted
    them to run alongside BB. A few IC’s went straight to Raj who then took
    them to Chris, Chris locked Kul’s BB account and told him to speak to
    him via the locked message. It turned out a few weeks previously Kul has
    withdrawn $60,000 from his BB account to buy into this company under
    his daughters name without her knowing, when Chris/Raj grilled her over
    this she left the event in tears, Kul vanished as well.

    another guy from the UK appeared called Michael Young and attempted to
    carrying out black mail against Banners Broker as it turned out Imitaz
    Aslam has taken Kul to meet this guy when he visited Manchester earlier.

    turned out that Kul had sold all the IC’s that he was the owner with
    Chris Smith working for them as they only had contact with him. He also
    came to light he had given people different bank accounts and siphoned
    millions from all the countries (Ireland, UK, Portugal and India) to
    his personal offshore accounts. Take note BB/Stellarpoint’s Terry Stern
    recently was very happy to try and pass the blame onto Ian Driscoll for
    this but now the truth has come out.

    The funny thing is, Chris
    Smith let Kul walk away with those millions and also paid him off on top
    of this, the big question is why, any honest business would go after
    him using the law and authorities, but they needed to keep him quiet.

    me make this clear, everything Kul Josun managed to do was because of
    the way Chris Smith and Raj Dikshit run BB, like amateurs and allowed
    their staff to run wild. Any legitimate audit will bring Banners Broker,
    Raj and Chris to their knees as Kul took millions which they cannot
    explain. They have never kept detailed records or accounting from day

    So Kul Josun is out of the picture and has been silent from
    then until now when the Whistler dragged his name into the fold and put
    all BB’s problems onto him. Kul is again trying to get BB people into
    several other dubious things with Kulclub ( Very Funny ) and in all
    probability gulible people will get ensnared.

    The funny thing is
    despite Lieven and Kul removed, Raj Dikshit has taken the power position
    in running and controlling EVERYTHING, Chris Smith is a yes man who
    lets Raj control the entire operation through Stellarpoint.

    Portugal Kul was silent, his team mates Imitaz Aslam, Sharon James,
    Carol Matthews ect were not. They went around selling their stock
    (panels) for below BB prices and sold their multiple positions. Imitaz
    Aslam told everyone BB would be gone by Christmas 2012 as he was working
    with Kul.

    Eventually Kul lead them all down the garden path
    getting them to pay for his medical expenses in the UK, joining Sizzle
    and they realised he played them. Now they tag along with Simon Stepsys
    and cross-pitch Empower Network which David Hooker allows them to do at
    UK meetings despite many complaints to him. Then they all get taken out
    to Canada and get a tour and time with Chris Smith, talk about amateur
    hour after everything that’s happened …

    Whistler, I hope this
    has educated you and you see that Chis and BB create their own problems.
    BB are not a fantastic company nor are the people behind it now, they
    are outright liars and con men of the highest level who on a daily basis
    deceive their affiliates and have no regard for them, you only need to
    look at how many people depend on payments and BB have not made any
    effort to do them for 5 months now or add multiple payout options, they
    have limited everyone using silly rules which they change at will
    without informing people and instructing them to re-read and accept.

    the cancer you speak of are people like

    – Raj Dikshit who controls BB through Stellarpoint

    Simon Stepsys and all the other conmen selling thousands of panels for
    cash in hand and making excuses for BB and roping people into BB for
    their own pure greed
    – Every BB affiliate who can’t use their head and just thinks everything is perfect and awesome

    for Kul opening his own version of BB, no he is not, he openly spoke
    last year about doing portfolio type setup which included Forex deals
    and selling land and hair brained schemes, Josun has never even
    succeeded in building a team. He deceived leaders all around the World
    that he owned BBI and that they were a legitimate company doing
    advertising and it only started to show all the cracks and discrepancies
    later, so suspicions were raised and some of those leaders started to
    realise they had made big mistakes and backed off. The payment crisis
    with BBI is now at epic proportions with affiliates all over the world
    being owed serious amounts of money and deeply concerned if or when they
    will get paid, and the limits imposed on them. So all in all its a
    complete mess.

  3. Bannersbroker says:

    it was great! Thanks for info.

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